Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Maid Abuse Again!

Well, it has happened again, but this time with a Cambodian. If true, we Malaysians should be ashamed that we ill-treat our poorer neighbours who have come here to work as maids and labourers for us. What is it with us?

Tan Sre Yeuo, a 15-year old Cambodian teenager working in Malaysia has made a
police report that her Malaysian employer had whacked her with canes and electric wires and then starved her for days.

Officials from the Cambodian embassy in Kuala Lumpur rushed to rescue the young lassie from her employer’s house after they received a tip-off.

It has been claimed that Tan looked pretty frail with bruises on her arms and legs.

A Cambodian embassy official complained that Malaysian police took a tidakapa (apathetic) attitude when the report of abuse was made. He said that Malaysian police told him Tan's case would take several days to investigate, and that they assessed her injuries as not serious.

The official was livid, condemning the police attitude as unfair when poor Tan was found in a poor condition by Embassy officials. Tan has been admitted to a hospital for observation.

I wonder how Malaysian immigration permitted a mere 15-year old foreigner to come in as a maid?


  1. thats because the 15 year old came here legally. abuse happens. sometimes there's nothing we can do to stop them because this happen behind closed doors.

  2. It's typical malaysian care more about dogs than human being, when dogs get abandon they all riled up but maid get abuse they all keep quiet especailly malaysian chinese even go a great lenght to deny other human being day off, and still have a nerve call themselves very advance race , such a hypocrites

  3. Majority maid abuse cases done by Malaysian chinese(employer),rarely by other races involves,but mass media in malaysia did not want exposed this truth in the name of keeping peace within races(so that malay which think that they have brotherhood with indonesian and are not against this mean chinese). If this common chinese practices one day overtaken the ruling power inside malaysia who know what they will do to us(bumiputra)?? Ask urself.