Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Commonwealth Games start with Breasts Groping!

The Indian team at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne has been implicated in a sexual assault allegation. Melbourne Police are investigating.

What was alleged to have happened was an sexual assault on a 16 year old female cleaner, who was left alone by herself in one of the Indian visitors' room. Her cleaning partner had just left the room for the corridor outside to get a fresh towel from the trolley. The cleaning company's policy is to have at least two staff in a room at all times.

Apparently during that brief period of 10 to 20 seconds, when she was without her partner, a 28 year old Indian bloke, whom the Indian team claimed to be a massage therapist, attacked her. He groped and fondled the young lassie.

I wonder whether he had thought of practising his trade skills on her young body? Police have seized his passport until investigations are completed. Embarrassed Indian officials have taken the allegation seriously [well, they bloody well be] and vowed total cooperation with the police.

The Indians promised to take the strongest possible actions should the allegation be proved, but they needn’t bother, because by then the maurading masseur will be facing criminal charges in the Australian courts.

I recall that this hasn’t been the first sexual assault case at a Games where so-called sports people gather to do honours for their nations. During the Asian Games in both New Delhi and Bangkok years ago, some athletes from certain countries molested female cleaning staff or guides. It so happened they came from countries where women weren’t allowed to mingle so freely with men. I suppose close proximity with women must have driven them mad with lust.

The Australians have been mindful of this notoriety among athletes from certain countries, hence the company issued a minimum-two-staff policy at all times when cleaning a visitor’s room , but in Melbourne alleged lustful intentions needed only 10 seconds for a cheap fondle - certainly a potential gold medal performance.


  1. that, or the chance to screw around with white chick.

    man, there are places in melbourne you can get that kind of service. stop terrorizing underage girl, it's illegal. :P

  2. ;-) you mentioned the key word 'white chick'

    Many Asians or Middle-East people are under the fallacy that because western women are 'liberal' that means they are 'easy'. If the allegations are proven I hope he gets his due deserts for assaulting a female, and one who is an underage girl