Sunday, March 12, 2006

Israel's greatest loss in Malaysia!

Someone told me Malaysia's foremost Zionist has stopped blogging. His blogsite has been turned into some kind of commercial advertising page. Perhaps papa took away his blogging key?

If true, I feel it's a loss for the Malaysian blogosphere - I do feel sad when a Malaysian blogger stops blogging, even if he is on the other side of my political fence. We can always do with more local bloggers.

And what a loss for Israel - who in Malaysia will now defend her? The way he has so blindly defended Israel through the years surely merits him some kind of Star of David, etc?

I am going to miss that young laddie.


  1. 1) I always wondered what a blog on Israel has got to do with pinging

    2) There are worse blind Israel supporters in the US. From brainwashed Jewish kids to the fucking government who supply cash, armament and ammuniction to Israel so that the Middle East will always be fighting.

  2. I didn't say it was a blog on Israel - I said the blogger was Malaysia's foremost Zionist - just an indication of the blogger's infatuation for anything Israeli. He would rush out to defend Israel everytime anyone attacked or criticised the Jewish nation.

    I have no difficulty with anyone defending Israel more so a Jewish kid. It's called 'choice'. But it's unusual and bemusing (and sometimes amusing) for a young Malaysian to be more Israeli than the Israelis. However, I do find it sad that the USA has been so biased and anti-Palestinian for no reason other than it is pro-Israel.

    That is the greatest injustice.

  3. If we're talking about the same person:
    Where have you been? His declared his departure some time last year. Time constraints and all that.

  4. Well, I have to admit I haven't heard from him for a while - he used to harass or criticise me on my support for Palestinians or for my criticism of Israel's brutalities or the USA's middle east policy ;-)

    But my mate told me what you said, that he initially declared his departure BUT changed his mind. From what I was told he was still blogging till Jan or Feb though not as often as before.

    He's a fairly young bloke, in his crucial STPM year, so maybe his dad might have something to do about it. Well, I wish him luck in whatever he is doing.