Friday, March 31, 2006

For & Against MCA MP Loh Seng Kok

Readers to Malaysiakini continue to write in regarding the intimidating surprise visit by 50 UMNO Youth members to MCA MP Loh Seng Kok's office. See also my earlier posting Who unleashed UMNO Youth mob?

Some Malaysiakini readers' comments are as follows:

Ariffin said: I am seeing a bunch of young politician trying to toil with religious issue and historical facts to get to the top, so there is no surprises! Once you get to the top you can be sure of good fortune-lah. So forget about nation, forget about responsibility of a citizen to help the country to stay in harmony, this is not their agendas, this is not what they want. What they want is an opportunity like Loh's issue to be exaggerated and used as weapons to show their so-called "leadership", and enable them to be noticed and there's a gold mine awaiting them.

Sam commented: Umno is a big party with many members. There are also huge numbers of members aspiring to high positions in the party. Is it any surprise that some will draw attention to themselves in order to be seen and heard above the crowd of hopefuls? Maybe such types will get noticed by some senior party members, and be taken under their wings and groomed for future greatness. Why do these people deny the truth? If they don't accept what MP Loh said, then argue with facts and not threats. Do all Malays agree with the action taken by Kelana Jaya division chief Abdul Halim Samad? If no, please come out and say so.

Lots of ambitious guys.

However, not everyone supported Loh. Ishak Abd Rahman stated ominously to those Chinese who supported Loh [with my loose translation-interpretation]:

Surat protest di katakan ultimatum Pemuda
Memorandum komponen BN dikatakan permintaaan saja
Jeff Ooi dan Malaysiakini nak main isu apa?
Bebaik nanti termakan kata kata sendiri pula

Somehow this bloke blames Jeff Ooi of Screenshots and Malaysiakini for, I suppose, reporting the UMNO Youth disgraceful thuggist behaviour - watch out, he warned, you guys are gonna eat your bloody words.

Kononnya Sufiyan (Melayu) sokong orang Cina
Tentang pengorbanan semua bangsa yang jadikan negara merdeka Mereka jugalah yang nak pengitirafan Chin Peng juga
Kalau kami guna ISA, nanti tuduh kami zalim pula

bloody ungrateful Chinese, having the bloody brazen cheek to suggest we accept Chin Peng - wait till we use the ISA and don't you f**king scream that we are being oppressive. Well, nice bloke, nice threat, you Chinese nicely shut up and nicely don't go too far.

Kamu peduli ke sosial kontrak yang ada
Tentang nenek moyang kamu yang terima sejarah sedadanya
Sekarang kamu meminta lebih segalagalanya
Kamu lupa kamu 35% tapi kontrol 85% ekonomi kita

you avaricious bastards - there's no stopping your greed - have you bloody forgotten our social contract?

Kamu nak main isu perkauman dan agama pula
Kamu ingat boleh menang ke?
Bebaik mani api, jangan kata kami tak ingatkan pula
Jangan terlebih minta, nanti takut hilang semuanya

how dare you f**k around with us on our race and religion - think you can get away with it - don't be surprise if you lose all instead

Kalau menjaring si ikan tuba
Jangan lupa mandi dikuala
Kalau memancing harap dapat ikan sejuta
Tetapi nasib tak baik terhutang pula

if you don't f**king watch it, you'll lose more than you hope to gain

Moral of the story:
Jangan jolok sarang tebuan - that old one about the hornets, UMNO's favourite arthropod
Jangan sombong - don't be high & too mighty
Jangan tamak - don't be greedy
Jangan bongkak - don't be arrogant
Jangan underestimate - he's not talking about accountancy
Jangan tak tahu malu - bloody well know your f**king inferior position!



    10) its in carricature!

    9) its actually an invitation to a Protest March against Price Hike in KLCC.

    8) UMNO Youth just want an endorsement of KJ as the next Prime Minister.

    7) its an invitation to be the 1st Malaysia Astronaut.

    6) its actually an AP from MITI.

    5) contains a foreword from Osama.

    4) Dear Penthouse ...

    3) opps ... its a planned invasion of Singapore

    2) its a VSS from MAS

    1) its a receipt from Genting Casino!

  2. It's an invitation to join the Malaysian Hymenoptera Society?