Tuesday, March 28, 2006

DAP's Teresa Kok an 'Islam Hater'?

If we go by the words of Mohd Nazri, Minister in the PM’s Department and acting Law Minister, sweet hardworking soft spoken Tesesa Kok of the DAP is an ‘Islam hater’. I must admit I haven’t heard this line before from UMNO.

Usually it would be “Don’t provoke another May 13” or “Don’t stir the hornets’ nest” or “This keris will be soaked in someone’s blood”, etc.

Now, Minister Nazri has moved up the UMNO notch up from ethnic interest to religious sanctity. Bloody bravo!

Minister Nazri was annoyed with Teresa Kok for questioning the IGP's directive that all policewomen must wear the tudung (Muslim female headscarf) during official parades. She cited the directive as one clear example of human rights violation. KTemoc feels she should have said the IGP was trying to divert attention from his dysfunctional police force by throwing in such radical proselytizing issues.

Mohd Nazri gave an excuse, which I have already explained as sheer nonsense, that the directive was to ensure uniformity of dress at official parades. What about turbaned Sikh personnel who have been with the Police and Armed Forces for centuries? Why wasn’t the issue of turbans then raised, so that all on parade would either wear turbans or don’t, for 'uniformity'.

Nazri brought out the example of non-Muslim government leaders wearing the songkok to rebut Kok, but is that headgear Islamic? The tudung definitely is, and not at all favoured by non-Muslims unlike the elegant baju kurong or the fantastic kebaya (yum!)

In an obvious attempt to intimidate her by once again waving the Islamic banner, the minister warned Teresa Kok not to inject her ‘hatred for Islam’ into her questions. Kok protested to the speaker, quoting Standing Order 36, and demanded that Nazri be made to withdraw his unparliamentary remarks.

I love it when a strong sweet woman like Teresa Kok quotes Parlimentary Standing Orders so swiftly as if she has them all on the back of her hand. Hmmm, it’s like talking dirty to me – OK, I’m sick! ;-)

Anyway, the Standing order states that a member of the House should not hurt the feelings of another member, and as Nazri had imputed base motives on Kok's part, well, that’s hurting Teresa Kok’s feelings. She reminded everyone that her question was in relation to the IGP’s violation of human rights.

Naturally, with an overwhelming majority in the House, Deputy Speaker Dr Yusof Yacob merely told the minister that the remark was unnecessary instead of ordering him to withdraw the unscrupulous accusation. What else can you expect from the BN?


  1. My friend, Theresa was at her best elements when she showed pictures of her pig farm visit to Nazi. Serves him right for asking Theresa if she had more porno.to show.!He should pray very hard that the next video clips(of the porno kind)would not involve or 'feature' anybody close or related to him or 'all the feathers of the same flock.I say to all NAZIs,dont insult yourself and make a mockery of your own kind by doing and saying what you do in Parliament.

  2. Actually it was UMNO MP Mohd Aziz of Sri Gading, not Nazri, who gatal-2 asked teresa for more Squatgate-like photos. Teresa was cheeky in showing him the Oink photos plus a briefing of the operations of a piggery.