Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nazri: Non-Muslims Stay Clear or Else!

Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, has warned non-Muslims not to incite the sentiments of Muslims or he’ll not hesitate to throw the draconian Sedition Act against those trouble makers. If any non-Muslims aren't fussy about Kem Kamunting’s* fare, that’s what you will get if you stir the hornets’ nest.

* Kamunting Camp is the government's detention centre for people held under the Internal Security Act (ISA) without the need for legal charge or trial - Malaysia's Guantanamo Bay.

I believe he was referring to the amended Islamic Family Law (IFL), where a number of NGOs, some non-Muslims, had lambasted the government. Nazri wasn’t going to take any more criticism from non-Muslims.

But Nazri didn’t spare those Muslim groups which had criticised what those NGOs termed as misogynous amendments. Nazri said he was disappointed with those Muslim groups because:

"They are Muslims (but) do not have in-depth understanding of the law. It’s best that we refrain from making statements that can be interpreted as Islam being unfair to women and so on."

Precisely what Marina Mahathir had predicted! She said that the Islamic authorities would silence critics of Malaysian Islamic laws by stating that unless they are men with a background in Islamic theology, they can't speak up on any of the Islamic laws. I blogged on her comments in Marina Mahathir on Malaysia's 'Climate of Fear'.

OK then, shut up unless you have a PhD in theology from al Azhar university 'cause I heard the food's pretty awful at Kamunting university.

Marina Mahathir Attacked for Dad's Sins.

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