Thursday, March 16, 2006

Petronas Accountability - He who cannot be named!

Hmmm, I wonder who was Malaysia’s finance minister from 1991 to 1998, for nearly a decade?

Well, he has just criticised the government for distributing to its cronies the billions of ringgit in profits that national oil company Petronas made. He mentioned this in reference to the recent fuel price increase which he condemned as unjust in burdening ordinary Malaysians.

Now, in a burst of extraordinary and insightful enlightenment, he wants the oil company to be made accountable to Parliament.

Naturally he defended his record as finance minister, which from the way he informed Malaysiakini, one would gather was virtually perfect.

Remember Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin, guru of mangerial matters, who informed us of bus companies being adversely affected by the fuel price hike because of their inability to manage their operations well, and who knows of amazing [but unrevealed] innovative ways for them to deal with the price increase?

Well, this former finance minister reminds me very much of minister Mohamed Kaled in the way he informed us that "efficient and responsible financial management is the key to resolving issues relating to the fuel price, as part and parcel of managing the national economy."

Such pearls of wisdom! And both from ministers, albeit one no longer actively serving.

Who is he? Alas, he is one who cannot be named!

Aptet II Disgrace - He who cannot be named!

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