Friday, September 09, 2005

Yasser Arafat's Death - Aids Ruled Out But Poison ...?

From his grave, Yasser Arafat still makes us posed questions, about the cause of his death.

Unfortunately for those Zionists who like to believe he died of Aids, both American and Israeli newspapers have confirmed, through their private investigations that Arafat did not suffer from Aids. Arafat’s rather gaunt appearance before his demise plus deliberate badmouthing by his enemies (Israelis, pro-Israeli & anti-Palestinian quarters, etc) that he was dabbling in unnatural sex had fuelled the Aids rumours.

One senior but unnamed Palestinian official gave Arafat’s French medical records to two Israeli journalists on the proviso that they shared the information with a US newspaper in an independent investigation of Arafat’s fatal illness.

The newspapers' investigation attributed the cause to a stroke, caused by a bleeding disorder. Unfortunately the cause of the bleeding disorder still could not be determined, exactly as Arafat’s French doctors had concluded.

It has been this mysterious bleeding disorder that still raises strong suspicions that Arafat was poisoned. The obvious suspect is Israel. Unfortunately, Israel has a notorious reputation for poisoning Arab leaders that they found to be too troublesome for their political or security agenda.

For example, it has been a proven fact that Israel had poisoned Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal, in Amman in 1997. In exchanged for captured Israeli spies in Jordan, the Jordanian King forced Israeli PM Netanyahu to provide the antidote, thus saving Khaled. Because of this notorious case, there continues to be strong belief, though not backed by evidence, that Arafat was poisoned by the secret agents of his arch enemy, Ariel Sharon.

The newspapers that conducted the independent investigation also mentioned that poisoning was highly unlikely. Somehow this hasn’t convinced some senior Palestinian officials. We need to note too that the term 'unlikely' doesn't completely rule out such a possibility .

The investigation identified the fatal error in Arafat’s treatment before he passed away. He was not provided any antibiotics until only 15 days after the onset of his illness. His doctors had believed that he was suffering from flu. It was too late to mitigate that original mistake by the time he reached France.

In the final days of his life, Arafat showed he suffered from weight loss, low count of platelets, blood clotting before he finally lapsed into a coma. He then experienced brain haemorrhage and the incremental loss in the use of his vital organs. Some of these medical problems were the same as those suffered by Khaled Mashaal before the latter was treated by the Israeli-provided antidote that Jordan secured for him.

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