Saturday, September 03, 2005

Friends & Foes to aid USA

Responding to Kofi Annan’s call for the world to now help the USA the following countries have responded (in alphabetical order):

Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, China, Cuba, Colombia, Dominic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Venezuela.

What is interesting and at the same time heartening has been the observation US foes who have dropped their hostilities to marshal around to help, assist and support America in her hour of needs.

Cuba has not only offer help but its parliament, led by President Fidel Castro, set aside politics momentarily on Thursday and stood for one minute in silent homage to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Cuba’s National Assembly speaker Ricardo Alarcon said: "The whole world should feel that this tragedy is its own. The news pained and saddened Cubans." Indeed, sir.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who was threatened with assassination by Bush’s ally, evangelist Pat Robertson, offers planeloads of soldiers and aid workers to help the hurricane victims. However, Chavez couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Bush in the latter’s handling of the calamity. Chavez said: "As more information comes out now, a terrible truth is becoming evident: That government doesn't have evacuation plans." Looks like Chavez is right!

He added that Bush as the 'king of vacations' had been at his Texas ranch when the storm hit, when he ought to be providing leadership.

Rumsfeld’s good-only-for-chocolate-making Belgium and his Old Europe France and Germany have also responded.

Condoleeza Rice has been very moved by Sri Lanka's offer, considering the small and improverished nation itself is just recovering from the devastation of the Boxing Day tsunami.

Of the ASEAN nations, Midas-rich Brunei and Boleh Malaysia have yet to respond – (forget about poor Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam).

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