Monday, September 26, 2005

Iran Fails to Toady like Pakistan

Tony Blair’s government has somehow persuaded the IAEA to take the Iranian nuclear standoff to the UNSC. If we recall, Tony Blair also persuaded Bush to take the neo-con plans to rape Iraq to the UNSC to gain legitimacy for an illegal invasion. That gambit failed, leading to an immature and petulant American show of disrespect for the world body because it couldn't get its bullying way.

Yes, Tony Blair is big on using the UNSC to attempt to cover his bullsh*t schemes with cloaks of legal respectability, but it doesn’t mean diddly squat if he and his American taikoh don’t get what they want.

Blair's claim is that there is growing international concern over the Islamic state’s alleged covert weapons programme. I too fear anyone with nuclear weapons, whether it is Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan, India, UK, France or America, North Korea or for that matter, Japan.

But the galling bias and inconsistency has been noted in the US (and its allies’) tolerance of Pakistan’s nuclear programme. As an example, just because Musharraf shook Ariel Sharon’s hand and praised the Israeli leader (yes sir, Musharraf praised Sharon), the latter said it believes Pakistan is not a nuclear threat.

Not a nuclear threat?

In fact Pakistan has been the most irresponsible nuclear power ever there is – selling nuclear equipment and technology helter skelter without any control. Please recall the notorious AQ Khan, who could only have acted with the approval of Pakistan’s top brass.

If there is any country that needs international sanction against, not that I am in favour of such sanctions because only the ordinary people suffer, Pakistan should be the prime candidate. Pakistan's conduct in nuclear responsibility, or rather its lack of, is a major threat to the world. But it gets away with such irresponsibility because it behaves as a toady of the US, and what better proof of its toad-iness than for President Musharraf to shake the hands of Ariel Sharon, the master of the US Middle East foreign policy.

But Iran has the bloody cheek to stand aloof from the American camp. If the Pahlavi dynasty was still ruling Iran and ran a nuclear programme as well, then that would have been alright, because as an American client state (like Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the erstwhile American ally, the Taliban Afghanistan, once were) it would have been considered by the Anglo-Americans as a responsible state.

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  1. The most irresponsible nuclear and WMD power was the USA which gave nuclear weapons to the terrorist state in Israel and chemical weapons to Saddam's criminal state in Iraq.

    Pakistan is not a toady of anyone, our alliance with the US is based on meeting of interests. What you are talking about is countries like Pahlavi Iran, Kuwait and Qatar.

    Pakistan Paindabad!