Friday, September 09, 2005

Holy Snake Slither Off

The ‘holy’ snake at a Hindu temple at Puching in Malaysia must have said, “Holy sh*t, so many guys are blaming for the unholy traffic jam. I better slither off.”

And indeed it did night before. Maybe it did so because it doesn’t live on eggs and milk. Hmmm, I wonder whether it likes chunks of unholy Malaysian politicians?

Those people queuing up and yet to see the divine ophidian must have also said “Holy mackerel, we have been too late.” Motorists would have high-fived and said “Holy mother, now we should be back to normal, with 1 hour jam only instead of an unholy 2.”

Since the revelation of his Holy Slithery, more than 30,000 people have seen the king cobra. According to the Hindu feng shui expert or a vasthu sastra expert, sighting a king cobra is good luck.

In a way I am glad because sooner or later some poor idiot will try to touch the snake and get himself bitten with all the holy sh*t consequences.

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