Monday, September 19, 2005

What Tony Blair Relishes is Sick

I have known of people like that. The Americans have a term for them, chickenhawks, meaning they are chicken when it’s their own or their childrens’ blood, but hell of hawkish with other or other people’s childrens’ blood.

The American newspaper New Hampshire Gazette defines it as "A person enthusiastic about war, provided someone else fights it ....."

Such an arsehole is most sickening when he is in a position to order others into battle, a backroom warrior sending people to their death (or worse, crippling injuries) for his own personal glories or fantasies or the most sickening of all, enjoyment.

Lance Price, a former spin doctor for British PM Tony Blair has published his diaries showing that Tony Blair was a man who ‘relished’ sending British troops into combat in Iraq.

Note Price’s use of the word ‘relish’, which means among other things ‘hearty enjoyment’, ‘zest’, or 'something that lends pleasure'.

Blair enjoys committing his British troops into battle. Now, either his troops or Iraqis could be killed or maimed, but Blair relishes that.

Price stated unflatteringly of Blair that he relished his first blooding as PM when he sent British troops into action in Iraq. Price made that entry when Blair ordered RAF warplanes on bombing missions for the first time along with the USAF over Iraq on Christmas 1998.

Most British or even American leaders sent their troops into combat with the greatest reluctance. But to relish sending people to kill or to be killed is truly sick, cruel, cowardly or mad, or all the four traits combined.

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