Friday, September 16, 2005

Gaza Red Herring to Israeli Lebensraum

President Bush has been completely bamboozled by Ariel Sharon again or the American leader is simply tolerating Israel’s aggressive and arrogant land grab of Palestinian territory in the West Bank.

By abandoning the difficult-to-defend Gaza, but still maintaining control of air, land and sea access to the territory (and even pocketing any tax collected in the custom process), Sharon has effectively told Bush that now it’ll be up to the Palestinians to show non-violence as proof of their ability to govern on their own. Of course in the meantime he continues expanding Jewish settlements on Palestinian land.

The sad and unfortunately biased part on the Americans has been their well known tolerance of Israeli land robbery. How do they expect Abbas to keep control of very angry Palestinians when they see their territory stolen and occupied by fanatical Jewish settlers? Sharon is so confident that things are rolling towards his way once again that he even averred Bush's 'roadmap' is currently on a very long 'hold'.

Obviously Sharon has no intention of taking the 'roadmap' as that would lead to Palestinian statehood. Palestinian statehood is something that Sharon will sabotage every inch of the way. He insists as part of the pre-requisite requirements that Abbas disarm the militants, which he knows will remain an impossibility as long as Israel refuses to withdraw from the West Bank but instead expands with new Jewish settlements.

Basically Sharon and Bush are saying to Abbas, “Now you have Gaza (nothing more than a prison), disarm, behave and keep still, regardless of what Sharon does.”

But what have the Palestinians gained thus far other than a land prison?

Yet they are being compelled to close an eye to the Jewish lebensraum. Given Israel's expansion into and occupation of Palestinian territory and US acceptance of such colonialism, the cycle of violence in that region will continue, and it’ll be a bloody miracle if Abbas can last. But that’s precisely what Sharon wants, with a moderate Abbas out of the way, and the militants taking over, the Israeli robber becomes “legitimate” once again, masked as a defender of land actually stolen from the Palestinian owners. The Palestinian land owners will in turn become "terrorists" rather than defenders of their land.

In a region of asymmetrical military powers, abetted by a biased USA, there can be no fair play for the robbed. The robber instead is feted as courageous and a champion of freedom. The USA therefore lies at the root of Sharon’s evil and avarice.

World’s Biggest Prison!

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