Monday, September 05, 2005

Tony Blair's Secret Weapons Against the Mullahs

She is Tony Blair’s secret weapon – a weapon aimed to give mullahs and ayatollahs heart attacks.

The newly crowned Miss England is a British Muslim, of Uzbek ancestry. In fact she was born in Uzbekistan. She will compete in the Miss World pageant in China in December.

Vivacious, voluptuous and vibrant Hammasa Kohistani, just a mere 18 years old, said the usual victory speech of accceptance and denials – she though she misheard, she was delighted, she was surprised, she hope more Muslims would receive the honour.

The only thing she didn’t say was that she was at the pageant by mistake.

The brunette beauty speaks six languages, including Russian, Persian and French, and presumably English and Uzbek – I wonder what’s the sixth?

And as far as secret weapons go, Tony Blair played safe, if not anything, because the beauty who came in second was Sarah Mendly, another Muslim, an Iraqi Brit who had been the favourite to win the pageant.

These two winners were among the four Muslims in the 20 finalists, a 20% assurance to piss off to no ends several mullahs in UK. Blair was obviously hoping they would died of apoplexy.

The mullahs said that nice Muslim girls shouldn’t take part in beauty competition, because they would be required to be very scantily dressed, and to Muslims that is just unlawful.

Naughty Tony Blair! Now that’s clever shock and awe.

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