Tuesday, September 06, 2005

F*** by Own Self-Fulfilling Prophesies

When Bush and his neo-con cohorts were looking for an excuse to invade Iraq, it used the WMD lie. Its transatlantic cousin, Britain under Tony Bliar, helped with that by fabricating the infamous 45 minutes flight of Saddam’s missiles with WMD-warheads from Baghdad to London. But Bush wanted the “9/11 traumatized” American public right behind him all the way, so he had to lie further.

He mentioned the very words that would terrify the Americans into blind support of his nefarious intent. Bush fibbed about Iraq being a haven for the al Qaeda terrorist and that Saddam Hussein had links with Osama bin Laden.

There is an old Chinese warning about one wishing too hard for something because it may just become true. A nasty self-fulfilling prophesy, so to speak.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said yesterday that Iraq has today become an even greater 'center for terrorist activities' than Afghanistan under the Taliban. Bearing in mind that Afghanistan under the Taliban was host to Osama bin Laden, it must be real bad in Iraq today for Annan to suggest this comparison.

Annan explained to the BBC that this has come about because many young and hotheaded Muslims are extremely pissed off with the US arrogant and brutal treatment of Muslims, especially in Iraq.

What Annan has just stated is nothing new. Even Americans themselves are aware of the revulsion young Muslims have for the West led by the USA. Britain just had its home grown terrorism.

The Australian government who has always been quick to deny that its involvement in the Iraqi war would lead to increased probability of terrorism in Australia has during the past few months been preparing Australians of the impending terrorist strike – it’s no longer a question of “if” but rather “when”. As part of his mitigatory programme, PM JohnHoward has also held "talks" with Muslim leaders in Australia.

Well, that's one nasty self fulfilling prophesy as promised by Chinese belief. Here's another one for the US Administration to chew upon.

The USA talks regularly about democracy in the Middle East. Bet you ten to one when that happens the USA wouldn’t like it one little bit. For the past several decades the USA has been the biggest culprit in suppressing democracy while fostering and entrenching draconian dictatorships in many countries it wants to control, either for oil or strategic control of a region or chokepoint. Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran were but two examples.

Of course it has to utter the usual bullsh*t about bringing democracy to authoritarian ruled nations, purely for the benefit of its domestic public, but it actually quakes at the thought of, say, Saudi Arabia becoming truly democratic and ruled by an elected government like that of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. Why would it want that when right now, it has the Saudi royalty in its pocket. Bet you twenty to one the US Intelligence constantly feeds information to the Saudi government's strong arm boys about democratic movements in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Kofi knows that he is irrelevant and must have been referring to this when he said what he "sensed" just to get some media.


    I'm not at all surprised, after all he didn't know where the food went and where the oil went!! And he is the Sec-Gen of the UN...