Sunday, September 25, 2005

From the Sunni Pan into the Iranian Fire

The two British SAS soldiers, whose arrest led to a British tank unit conducting a jail break, had been spying on Iranian infiltration into southern Iraq. The Iraqi Shiites there are obviously cooperating with their Iranian co-religionists to gear up for the inevitable civil war in Iraq.

Leave aside the British jail break and consider the implications of a future southern Iraqi state, with significant Iranian influence. What does this expansion of Iranian Shiite influence spell for the USA and her Gulf client states like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? It’s no wonder the Saudi foreign minister was fretting and moaning about the American piss-poor handling of Iraq by marginalising the Iraqi Sunnis, who formed the insugency movement.

The Americans thought they would be clever by slicing off the Sunni sector and investing in an oil-rich Kurdish province (a potential future independent state friendly and dependent on the USA and Israel) and an equally oil-rich southern Shiite Iraq dominated by its 'man in Iraq', Ahmad Chalabi. And we haven't even examine in full yet the Turkish facto in the US-contrived breakup of Iraq.

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