Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dangerous Neighbours!

In the wake of several crashes during August, two European countries France and Belgium have published blacklists of dodgy airlines. They won’t be allowed to land in the two countries' territories. This is the first time France has publicly published the list.

The blacklists include companies from Thailand, the United States Virgin Islands, North Korea, Mozambique, Liberia, Egypt, Armenia, Congo, Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Ukraine and the Central African Republic.

For our safety interests, we should know that those airlines are Air Koryo of North Korea; Air St Thomas of the US Virgin Islands; International Air Services of Liberia; Phuket Airlines of Thailand; Linhas Aereas de Moçambique and Transairways, both from Mozambique.

The one that should concern us most is obviously Phuket Airlines of Thailand.

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