Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kuwait's Aid to Asia & USA - A Tsunami of Difference

Remember the UN call for countries to help the tsunami affected region? Croesus-rich Kuwait came up initially with a paltry US$1 million for the tsunami funds, and only raised that to US$10 million after its own press criticised its stinginess.

That was as much as what racing driver Michael Schumacher gave to the tsunami aid from his personal pocket.

Australia, Japan and Germany topped the list of donar nations – two Christian and one Shinto nations providing the bulk of the aid to the Muslim dominated country of Indonesia, while Islamic states like Kuwait and other Gulf nations acted like tight arses.

Now, I did mention that I’ll be keeping an eye on how much Kuwait and Saudi Arabia will be giving to their American friends.

Well, guess how much Kuwait has now donated to the USA hurricane funds?

Its state news agency Kuna has just announced Kuwait will donate US$500 million, yes a lovely cool half a BILLION dollars worth of oil products and other humanitarian aid to its ally.

I leave you readers to compare, sorry strike out the word ‘compare’, use ‘contrast’ instead, the difference between the initial (unforced) donation of US$1 million to US$500 million – the former going to hundreds of thousands of families, who breadwinners had perished, and many millions left homeless in 3rd world nations, while the latter going to help the victims of 2 southern states in the USA, the wealthiest nation on earth, who suffered about 10,000 dead and several thousands homeless.

Gulf States Viewpoints – Tsunami vs Hurricane


  1. Hi Temoc,

    Yup. It's no where near fair for Kuwait to donate such ridiculously large amount. Even if they feel indebted to donate, I believe it's more appropriate to donate emergency supplies rather than money.

    I've commented similarly on my blog. Kindly check

    Additionaly, South Korea will be donating USD 30 million and Sri Lanka USD 25 000

  2. Well, Donating money is one thing but does America need such monetary aid. To me human expertise and emergency materials are more important. But oh well, kudos to Sri Lanka for having the thought to donate. I was suprised that Afghanistan donated though. In jeff ooi's blog, he commented about Malaysia's stance. Hmm..what do you think about this. Should Malaysia donate as it's also the chairman of OIC.

  3. Most countries which donated are those beholden to the USA, like Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan. Some like Sri Lanka and Indon wants to make a gesture of repciprocal appreciation for US public's generosity during the tsunami crisis. Then there are the allies who are obligated to make a stand, new and old, like France, Germany, Israel, S Korea, Japan, Austalia. And those who want to make a political point like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela. Finally there are the genuine donors - can't think of a country in this last group yet! ;-)