Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Naked Woman Hit by Land Rover!

This is very intriguing.

Bloke was driving a Land Rover when he hit a naked woman right in the middle of an interstate trunk road, just 45 minutes drive south of Sydney at around 7:30 pm Sydney time.

He reported to police that when he got out to lend assistance, he saw a man and a woman driving off in a white car. The police checked a number of hospitals but discovered no joy.

Then around early morning some 7 hours later and nearly 600 kilometres away in another state, Victoria, the police stopped a Suzuki sedan and discovered an injured woman in the front seat. She was from Cabramatta in Sydney.

Cabramatta has a large Vietnamese and Laotian population, and nice Cambodian koay teow soup in its market. Anyway, the cops then took her to the nearest hospital at Shepparton, a country town which hosts a number of Afghan refugees. The woman underwent surgery for a number of injuries.

The whole matter got very messy after that, which is too confusing to me. You can read the news piece yourself here.

But I wonder how the hell does one meet a naked woman in the middle of a major trunk road, and then hit her. I am familiar with the spot of the accident, called Pheasant Nest, having driven past there on numerous occasions. It’s a bridge-road over some deep valley south of Sydney.

But I have never meet any naked woman there before. Alas, I am the poorer for the lack of experience. Hmmm, time for a drive to Pheasant Nest?

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