Thursday, September 08, 2005

Making a Donkey out of Wannabe Studs

Virtually every Chinese, most Malaysians and some Aussies know that to the Chinese, the tiger’s penis is an aphrodisiac, far better than viagra or cialis. Obviously it’s the poor tiger’s organ, hence an ‘organic’ substance ;-)

I am not sure how tiger meat comes into play in the world of hard-ons (aphrodisiacs) though I have heard vaguely of tiger bones being used for other medicinal reasons.

But the Chinese in China go for tiger meat, with a restaurant claiming it’s from the Siberian specie. A bit of ginger, some vroom garlic, Himalayan herbs, soya sauce, Chinese wine, and stir fry, then toss in some asparagus tips – wunderbar! [just Ktemoc’s make-believe recipe – the nearest I have gotten to a tiger was in a zoo]

The Siberian tiger is the largest tiger in the world and is in dire danger of being made extinct. Only a few hundred exist in that region bordered by Russia, China and North Korea. So, how the hell does the restaurant gets away with such blatant killing and eating of an endangered specie.

Officials raided the restaurant in Heilongjiang province in northeast China that had been serving tiger meat, but when interrogated, the owner confessed it was donkey meat spiked with tiger urine. He charged an exorbitant price of 800 yuan (Aussie $131) a dish, served to wannabe studs.

The whistleblowers were the local media who heard about the exotic stir-fried dishes. The dish came with a complementary medicinal liquor made from tiger meat and bones.

One mystery remains. Where the hell did the tiger urine come from, and how it was obtained.


  1. Great read, mwahahaahaha... I do have a theory on 'where' the Tiger Urine comes from... Get it from peeps born on the year of the Tiger!

    Fancy some sample?

  2. ;-) maybe just from his pussy cat?