Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Most Powerful Kiss in History

Awesome stuff.

4 years ago, Uruguay and Australia were matched together in a playoff downunder for the World Soccer Cup. The Uruguayan team was staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel in an Australian State. One of its players kissed a 58-year old hotel cleaner who was tidying his room. The cleaner was with the hotel for only a week.

She is now suing the hotel claiming the post traumatic stress disorder caused her to be blind. Medically she suffered from a pre-existing condition that causes involuntarily eye movement. She claimed the kiss aggravated her eye condition. She was declared legally blind in August 2002.

“Legally blind?” What the hell does that mean? Is she blind or not?

The hotel defence team pooh-poohed her claim, quoting a doctor as saying if that has been the cause of her medical condition, then the kiss would have been the most powerful kiss in history.

Incidentally Australia beat Uruguay 1-0 but in the return match in Montevideo Uruguay won the return match 3-0, with an overall better score margin to join the finalists for the 2002 World Cup.

The church used to tell us that playing with one’s willie could cause blindness, but a kiss? I am going to sue the church for failing to inform me of such precarious encounters of the lip kind.