Thursday, September 22, 2005

Naked Dancing Israeli Women in India

The Hindu priest was utterly pissed off. Right in the middle of the holy vedic chanting to bless a wedding ceremony, the marrying couple decided to embrace and kiss. Worse, the blasphemous behaviour was witnessed in a Hindu pilgrim town. Kama Sutra or not, India has very strict obscenity laws.

The priest and his companions complained to the police who hauled them off to court where they were fined 1000 rupees for raunchy exhibitionism. No concession was made for the fact that they were foreigners from Israel. For some weird reason, the Israelis had decided on a traditional Hindu wedding while visiting Pushkar in Rajasthan. Maybe they wanted to embrace the spirit of the devas and asparas.

The president of the organization of Hindu priests (didn’t know Hindu priests even have such an organization) said Hindu Indians will not tolerate any cultural pollution exemplified by such disgraceful behaviour.

I wasn’t aware of another incident last October, where the locals (also of the same area) were shocked by a group of Israeli women dancing naked – yes, Israelis again.

Can anyone please tell me where Pushkar is because I want to be there when the next lot of Israeli women visit that area. I intend to establish goodwill with Israel through them by joining in the dance, obviously in honour of Baal or the Gandharvas.

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