Saturday, September 03, 2005

Xenophobic New Orleans

In the utter chaos of New Orleans foreigners have to group together. If they attempt to mingle with the locals they would be dead. There is resentment against foreigners.

60 tourists who became refugees are huddling together amidst an aweful situation where women give birth in squalor, deaths, rapes and assaults. They have even witnessed a suicide.

Their safety is actually frighteningly uncertain, indeed as uncertain as the future of New Orleans. There is little food or water.

Australians trapped there in the middle of a devastation of fetid water with bloated corpse have termed their current excistence hell.

They have been moved by police from the Superdome to nearby hotels amid fears for their safety. The locals hate any foreigners right now because of the belief that those foreigners would be provided preferential treatment.

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