Saturday, September 17, 2005

Idling, Reflecting & Blogging

Have been sick the last few days hence my blogging has been reduced to a minimum. Must be spring – am allergic to hay fever - apart from a bug running loose in my office.

Feel tired, achy and very thirsty - idling around provided me plenty of opportunity to reflect on stuff that I don’t normally indulge in reflecting. I’ll blog on a few thoughts soon.


  1. Blogger's wall eh Temoc. No Prob...All bloggers get it! btw..don't know whether you've been tagged but I'm definitely tagging you now. Got to write about 7 things you like ,etc.etc..Not too long. You can get an idea from my site( I was tagged by Centerpide and seems a number of malaysian bloggers are doing it. I know your site deals with social/political issues but hope you'd consider this too. Do spread the tag to 7 other people.


  2. not blogger's wall - sick, crook, urghhh!

  3. Hi KT

    Hope you feel better soon. Rest well.