Saturday, September 17, 2005

Musharraf: "Get Raped & Become a Millionaire"

If anyone ever wonders why the rape of women in places like Pakistan has happened so reguarly with impunity just read on.

President Pervez Musharraf told the Washington Post a few days ago that with regards to the notorious frequency of rape in Pakistan, foreigners should understand the Pakistani environment. Musharraf averred that Pakistani women had themselves raped as a money-making concern.

He stated that those women had sinister intentions, for by getting themselves raped, they could make money and even become a millionaire, get a visa and migrate to Canada.

That, people, was the President of Pakistan talking - one of President Bush's staunchest allies..

The best known Pakistani rape victim, Mukhtar Mai, told the BBC that it was utterly despicable to suggest a woman could subject herself to such a horrendous experience just to make money.

Mai was raped on a trumped up charge by lustful Paki men. She became known throughout the world after being gang raped in 2002, on the lustful orders of a village council or panchayat. Some of the very village councillors who passed judgement on her to be 'revenge' raped were the rapists themselves.

Mai said "I offer all the riches I've made out of the panchayat-enforced gang-rape to the president in return for justice."

Those rapists are yet to be punished. A court had ordered them freed due to “lack of evidence”. It was only due to world's outraged and American-European political pressure that Musharraf ordered the men re-arrested and re-tried.

In Karachi on Friday, 19 rights and advocacy groups protested against Musharraf comments. Sumar Mallah, a fisherman whose five-year-old daughter was raped and killed on 5 September, was at the rally protesting Musharraf’s chauvinistic stupidity.

Mallah said: "The police and the rapists have been insisting that I accept money and forget about my daughter. I will never settle for money. I want justice."

As everyone in Pakistan knows, President Musharraf has paid only lip service to stooping the abuse of women, because hundreds of them are still being raped and murdered every year in so-called honour cases in Pakistan.

But more importantly Musharraf has shown that Pakistan's Sharia laws haven't brought about the protection, security, respect, dignity and justice for women that their counterparts in most non-Sharia states enjoy.

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