Monday, September 26, 2005

Japan fears Chinese Invasion

For a country that has perpetrated untold atrocities on China, Japan is highly worried about China invading its territories, even those that it has claimed.

It’s military has contingency plans to deal with such invasions. The Asahi Shimbun newspaper revealed that Japan’s military has even considered the possibility of China occupying the disputed islands of Diaoyu, where reported hugh gas fields may exist.

Those contingency plans in some cases visualise China attacking and invading Japan in the event of a war between China and Taiwan.

Those types of Japanese contingencies or fears are as fanciful as the Australian fears of an Indonesia invading the continent nation.

Today there is only, I say that again, ONLY one nation in the world that possesses the ncessary military capability to launch such an invasion and occupation.

Many people, especially Aussies, and perhaps Japanese, aren’t realistic enough about the potentials of their ‘perceived’ threats. They tend to over inflate the capabilities of their principal threats, based on psychological or prejudiced fears rather than substance or facts.

To invade island nations like Australia or Japan, the threat must possess a powerful amphibious capability, consisting of many aircraft carriers with a powerful air combat fleet, numerous amphibious troop carriers, a gargantuan air and sea logistic capability to supply and maintain the invading force, and lots of money like several hundreds if not thousands of billion (American) dollars. Don't believe me, do ask President Bush - he'll tell you!

Does either Indonesia or China have these essential military elements?

And true enough, the Japanese top secret plans admitted that there is only a faint likelihood of an attack by China. But I suppose those planning would be good to rekindle the Japanese bushido spirit that had caused the Asian Holocaust that westerners like Americans and Europeans don’t pay the same attention or guilty-cringe towards as they do with the European Holocaust.


  1. Actually, military forces don't really need that HUGE amphibious support. They just need a few ship to transport about 100 000 men and station them there and there you have it.. an invasion.

    Recall Iwo Jima, you can see that there's when the land invasion begun. Nobody really needed any big amphibious support.

    However, Australia maybe different since it's alone by itself down there.

  2. I'll blog a reply to your comments. Cheers