Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Churlish Bush - Childish Bush?

If we recall, during the tsunami relief aid campaign, when Israel offered assistance to Sri Lanka in the form of a rescue mission, the Lankans rejected the offer.

That copped some criticism from some Malaysian bloggers.

Well, now we have the same situation.

President Hugo Chavez offered the USA aid in the form of 2 mobile hospital units, 120 rescue and first aid experts, 10 water purification plants, 18 power generation plants, 20 tonnes of bottled water and 50 tonnes of food to support relief operations of the hurricane devastated areas. That offer was rejected by President Bush.

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said the churlish rejection reflects poorly on President Bush silliness and poor leadership. Bush should have considered the needs of the victims rather than play silly politics.

Hope those Malaysian bloggers will now condemn President Bush’s petulant stupidity and churlishness (or is it childishness) for rejecting aid that could have greatly ameliorated the hurricane victims' sufferings.

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