Friday, September 09, 2005

More Americans killed because of US War on Terror

The US ‘war on terrorism’ has killed more US lives than saved them.

The American launched wars on Iraq and Afghanistan was purportedly to protect American citizens against terrorists. Even though virtually everyone on this globe knows that, let’s pretend for one silly instant that the US aggression was a pre-emption against potential threats.

Dr. Erica Frank of the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta said "Since the point of investing in counter-terror is to protect American lives, the question [must be] is a dollar better spent in Iraq or is it better spent here?"

While the answer is obvious and the accusation not new, Dr Frank has come up with some quantitative analyses, in terms of lives, of the Bush administration's terror policies.

According to her, the US would probably save more lives by spending the money on disease prevention and research, and basic services to the community. Unfortunately all the money that should have addressed those health and community requirements have been squandered on war on terror. The overall pluses and minuses work out to a thumbs down for war, because it has caused more US deaths by depriving death prevention health care in the US.

Then there was Hurricane Katrina. Oh, Katrina, you have been a naughty girl, but it has sadly taken your furious devastation to wake up some Americans and the American press, and put a bit of backbone into their ‘patriotic’ spine so that they are more willing to question Bush bullsh*t.

Dr Frank continued, "The most recent effects of these diversions of funding have been seen in the unfolding tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the surrounding area.”

She was referring to the diversion of funds for the strengthening of New Orleans’ levees, which even led to the angry resignation of the frustrated chief of the US Army Engineering Corp responsible for the levees. Dr Frank cited numerous reports showing that Washington reduced spending on the maintenance of the levees, leading to their disastrous effect on New Orleans.

Dr Frank said to the British Medical Journal that more Americans will die unnecessarily because of Bush irresponsible policies. She reminded governments that they have a mandatory obligation to protect their citizens, including anticipating possible future threats to Americans' health.

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