Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bush Administration - Mischievous, Misleading, Misfocused, & Missed Opportunities

The editorial of the San Francisco Chronicles lamented the Bush administration's failure to learn and profit from the 9/11 attacks, that a band of zealots could throw a nation with the mightiest military force in history into shock and fear.

It stated that while the attack on Afghanistan toppled a regime that harboured al Qaeda, it bemoaned the diversionary and wasteful adventure in Iraq.

In Bush's misfocused foray into the Middle-East (as we know, covertly for oil and Israeli interests), the US diluted both its ability to mitigate a natural disaster occurring at home as well as to conduct an effective relief effort. Funds that ought to have gone into strengthening the levees around New Orleans were slashed with disastrous conseuqences, and National Guards that ought to be out aiding and protecting its citizens in New Orleans were actually in Iraq.

Today America is no safer than before the war in Iraq. The USA has wasted humdreds of billions of dollars, international goodwill and admiration, and worst of all, more than 1800 lives of young Americans.

In fact, the security situation for Americans today in the USA is ominously threatening. Not only do they await the next terrorist attack to pop out of nowhere or somewhere, its citizens see new legislations coming into play that curb their previously enjoyed freedom. In this further restriction of freedom and democracy, have the terrorists won after all?

But what is really needed to combat such elusive terrorists, but not yet evident, is a professional and effective intelligence organ, the once reknown CIA, that would not be misused into fabricating "intelligence" to justify a pack of avaricious and sinister lies. The partisan and unmerited appointment of Michael Brown as the head of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), now replaced for incompetence, has been a shameful example of why all is not well in the crony-plagued Bush administration.

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