Saturday, September 24, 2005

US Military on Iraqi Taxis: Kill Them All

Hart Viges was not only a former American soldier who served in Iraq but a member of the famed 82nd Airborne, with its proud history in WWII.

He was horrified by what the US did to Iraqi civilians and filed for conscientious objector status. Before he was assessed by the military psychologists and pronounced as a person who qualifies for conscientious objector status, he was beaten up by masked person charging into his barracks one night.

He provided a frightening insight into the war's dehumanising effects.

Viges revealed how indiscriminate fire from US troops killed an untold number of Iraqi civilians.

But the most sickening of all was his revelation that the troops were ordered to open fire on ALL taxis in the city of Samawa because military intelligence had it that Iraqi insurgency forces were using them for transport. Tough sh*t if you were an innocent taxi driver or Iraqi family.

This is undoubtedly a war crime of the most heinous degree.

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