Monday, September 05, 2005

President Bush apes Baghdad Bob

"There's a lot of food on its way, a lot of water on the way, and there's a lot of boats and choppers headed that way."

"Thousands have been rescued. There's thousands more to be rescued. And there's a lot of people focusing their efforts on that."

"As we speak, people are moving into New Orleans area to maintain law and order."

- President Bush immediately after Hurricane Katrina

Albert Einstein believed that ‘gravity’ could bend ‘light’. Well, President Bush and his Administration have proven that they could bend truth, as in:

(1) The Iraqi insurgency is in its last throes.
(2) The economy is booming.
(3) Anybody who leaks a CIA agent's identity will be fired.
(4) Help is on the way to New Orleans.

In fact the people criticizing Bush right now for his lies and pathetic response to the hurricane devastation have been leading Republican Party leaders like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney the governor of Massachusetts

A Republican consultant in Washington claimed that President Bush reminded him of Baghdad Bob or Mohammed Saeed al Sahhaf, Saddam Hussain's minister of information who was adamant that there weren’t any US troops in the Iraqi capital when the Americans drove into Baghdad.

He felt that Bush has the habit of denying the existence of problems as in the case of hurricane relief (or rather, non relief) earlier in the week. Like Baghdad Bob, he was reality-challenged.

If I recall, during the American invasion Bush was tickled pink with Baghdad Bob's bending of reality, and would insist on sitting in to listen to the Iraqi Minister whenever Baghdad Bob provided his comical press briefings . Bush loved a good chuckle so much so that he has now picked up Baghdad Bob's habit of bending truth and reality.

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