Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why isn't the Iraqi Flag Flown ...

It’s staggering – the tragedy of 1000 killed in a stampede as rumours of suicide bombers triggered a mad rush by Iraqi Shiite pilgrims onto a bridge across the Tigris in the capital. They were either trampled to death or drowned in the river below.

That’s one-third of those killed on 9/11 or 20 times those killed in London on 7/7.

Why isn't the Iraq flag flown on those blogs so keen to hoist the Union Jack in sympathy with the 7/7 victims?


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  2. I'm plagued by commercial spam - curses and swears!

  3. Eh? The words are random hence the usefulness of it.

  4. thanks Jon, I mistook it for another types of protect-facility where the blogger can ban certain words like viagra or cialis