Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mum of former Miss Thailand on matter of 'Taste'

The resignation of Angela Mackay from her newly crowned title of Miss Thailand in a Miss World Thailand pageant has set off all sorts of rumours about her abrupt change of heart.

Mackay attribute her decision to her modeling commitment in New York and her lack of understanding that as Miss World Thailand, she would have conflicting commitments in Thailand.

But the rumours are rife that prior to her victory in the beauty pageant, she had posed in raunchy photos, basically in the nude.

Her mother angrily repudiated those rumours, saying that her daughter has been the victim of a malicious smear campaign. According to her, the rumours surfaced months before the contest.

Mum said she has seen those alleged photographs but they were "tastefully taken".

The pageant organiser Prasarn Maleenont pleaded ignorance but promised to investigate the reasons for her sudden resignation. Meanwhile McKay's modelling scout averred that Mackay's portfolio included photographs of her in a bikini, but there was that – no nude pics at all.

This is even more sanitised than Mum's version, which was that the photos were "tastefully taken".

Her German father wisely remained silent throughout the whole affair.

Miss Thailand Quits because of Nude Photos?

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