Saturday, September 17, 2005

Israeli Crimes Against the Children of Ham?

The Israeli chickens have come home to roost. And it’s due to the un-kosher conduct of some Israeli generals.

Israel’s former military chief Moshe Yaalon and present military chief-of-staff General Dan Halutz were responsible for the decision in 2002 to bomb a Gaza City neighbourhood. The objective was to kill the Hamas military chief, Salah Shehadeh. The bomb was a one-tonne bomb. It killed 14 civilians, most of them children.

It’s one thing to kill an enemy combatant but when their decision ignored the harm to innocent civilian lives, then that’s criminal. The US military had done this many times over but in its case no one could drag a 500 kg gorilla to court, but Israel is not exactly a 500 kg gorilla so there is a warrant out in Britain for them, for war crimes against humanity.

There is also a warrant against retired major-general Doron Almog, the army commander in Gaza until 2003, who has been accused of the demolition of 59 houses in the Rafah refugee camp. Both he and General Halutz had initiated the Israeli army's policy of mass house demolitions in the Gaza Strip. That is illegal under international law.

Their other crimes were the so-called ‘targeted killings’ of Palestinian fighters but which went off-target and instead killed many innocent civilians. The truth is the Israeli authorities had treated the Palestinians callously as subhumans in the same manner as the Nazis had treated the Jews in Europe.

As I have remarked fairly often, the Israeli authorities have behaved exactly like the worst of Nazis. It's ironical that the children of the Holocaust are misconducting themselves like the evil prosecutors of their predecessors.

Daniel Machover, a Israeli-British lawyer has been the person who sought the arrest warrant. He said he had to do it via the British justice system because Israel's high court has ruled that the Geneva Conventions do not apply in the occupied territories. This demonstrates the bias of the Israeli courts.

War crimes are bloody war crimes, especially so in occupied territories. Otherwise, what’s the bloody point of having international Conventions on the conduct of war and military occupation. Maybe those Israeli courts believe that the Palestinians are the children of Ham?

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