Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Miss Thailand Quits because of Nude Photos?

After being crowned Miss Thailand, a sweet 21-year old Aussie girl has decided to surrender her title. She won the beauty pageant just 10 days ago.

Angela Mackay, of German-Thai extract, wasn’t aware that holding the title requires her to stay in Thailand for a year, which would clash with her modelling career in New York.

However there was a rumour that she gave up the crown to avoid the embarrassment of the publication of her in nude modelling photographs. Apparently the Miss World contract doesn’t countenance such nude photos – remember Miss World America who had to forfeit her crown some years back? Mackay denied the rumours.

Naturally she has to return her prize money, a diamond crown and a Toyota Camry. She did that and left the country.

In her place Thailand will send second placed Sirinda Jensen to the Miss World contest in China in December.

Oh BTW, Ms Jensen is of Dutch-Thai extract.

I heard that 3rd place went to another sweet lady of French-Thai extract – OK, this one is the usual KTemoc leg pulling ;-)

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  1. Angela Mackay is of an Australian father, not a german father.