Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Arrogant British Army Disproves Iraqi Sovereignty

Earlier this morning I blogged on how the British Army in Iraq behaved like gangsters, smashing their way into an Iraqi police jail to free two British spies (believed to be either SAS or commandos) caught by the local authorities. Those two were dressed in Arab civilian clothing and had fired on the local policemen. One of the Iraqi policemen died.

The British Army immediately despatched their armour vehicles (mentioned as tanks by Iraqis) to surround the jail where the two Britons were held. In smashing the jail to free the two spies, they allowed 150 common criminals to escape as well.

Their lack of respect for the law of the land, firstly by opening fire on policemen and secondly by conducting an arrogant jail break, demonstrated British hypocrisy about bringing democracy and due process of law to Iraq.

Now, western reporters are questioning how much sovereignty do the Iraqi authorities actually enjoy? The US-led Coalition Provision Authority handed over power to an interim Iraqi government in the summer of 2004.

It’s a joke when the Iraqi government can’t do a single thing against lawlessness in its own land by occupying foreign armies.

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