Thursday, September 22, 2005

13 Dead Bodies Insufficient Evidence?

In 2000 when Palestinian Israelis protested in sympathy with the Intifada, Israeli police shot into the crowd, killing 13 of its Arab citizens.

An Israeli judicial inquiry said today that it couldn’t identify the officers responsible and despite the 13 dead bodies, has ruled that there was insufficient evidence. Therefore there won’t be any prosecution of the police officers responsible, not even the officer in charge.

Mind you, the 13 were Arabs. I wonder how it would be if they were Jews? As we know, the world famous Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal who just passed away, could trace 1,100 murderers even several decades after the commission of their crimes against Jews.

Palestinian Israelis said the inquiry has all along intended to cover up the findings rather than lay charges against Israeli policemen.

Hohummm – why am I not surprised? And we hear frequent boasts of Israeli justice! It's just as well Wiesenthal has just passed away, or he would be deeply embarrassed by the double standards of his kinfolks.

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  1. well i'm not surprised either. the world doesn't work in the ideal way.