Monday, September 12, 2005

al Qaeda Threatens to Attack Melbourne

al Qaeda has threatened Melbourne and Los Angeles as its next two targets in a video tape obtained in Pakistan by the media. ABC News broadcast the tape in the US, obviously concerned about the threatened strike on Los Angeles.

Australian authorities are taking the threats seriously though they aren’t sure yet of the authenticity of the tape. However, Victorian state Premier Steve Bracks assures the public that security arrangements are in place for a series of sporting events including the famous Melbourne Cup, the Australian (rules) Football Finals and the Commonwealth Games. He advises the public not to be intimidated by the intended fear that al Qaeda wants to instil in Australians. Brack is of course worried that the al Qaeda threat may dampen enthusiasm and support for ther sporting events.

The video footage shows a masked man, believed to be Californian man Adam Gadahn, threatening attacks on the two cities. As a teenager, Gadahn had converted to Islam at a California mosque.The bloke even has the cheek to utter "We love peace, but peace on our terms", and then more in tune with his al Qaeda character,"Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne".

He added, as if we don’t already know, that the attackers will show no compassion.


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