Friday, September 02, 2005

A Touch of Iraq in New Orleans

As if by some divine intervention or, as some Muslims would probably claim, retribution, a touch of Iraqi chaos and anarchy have been transported to 1st world New Orleans in the USA.

Dead bodies floated in flood water or piled up on banks unclaimed while looters ransacked the stores. Muggers are flashing all sorts of automatic weapons while some police have handed in their badges, unable and unwilling to perform their duties in such wild lawlessness.

Some locals and tourists have expressed their worries about staying alive in an environment subjected to the wild laws of the jungle. National Guard troops have been rushed to New Orleans with shoot-to-kill orders.

The situation is in utter shambles. Preliminary assessment of damage has been placed at US$30 billions while the cost of human lives and the future of survivors remain unaccounted for yet. The once-great city may not be fully recovered for at least three six months.

Our prayers and hopes are with those suffering in New Orleans as they have been with those suffering in Iraq.