Sunday, September 25, 2005

Blair's '45 minutes' Comes to an End!

The British have decided that they have had enough of Iraq, and will be pulling out by May. The Observer newspaper obtained the secret plans from ‘reliable’ military sources.

The Blair government has kept mum over this issue, but alarm bells are now ringing loud in Tokyo. The Japanese military have an engineering unit where the Brits are. Though 450 Aussie troops have been assigned to specifically protect the non-combatant Japanese engineers, the withdrawal of the large British contingent will affect both the Japanese and Aussie deployment in southern Iraq.

So Blair's infamous lie about Saddam Hussein's WMDs' 45 minutes to London, which led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the death of so many innocents, has turned full circle.

And for what? Iraq will still have a dictator.

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