Monday, December 10, 2018

Why Tony Pua was booted from Selangor DAP leadership

The delightful and overdue ouster of Tony Pua was NOT without indications as I had read the following TMI article last month. Reproducing it here for your perusal.

TMI - Plot to oust Tony Pua in Selangor: [extracts]

SELANGOR DAP grassroots leaders want to oust Tony Pua as the state chairman, claiming that he has lost touch with the ground, said party sources.

Pua’s detractors alleged that under his leadership, the state chapter has moved away from its members.

[kt's note: not surprised as I found him arrogant, elitist and overbearing - very un-Chinese as I posted in un-Chinese Tony Pua]

Sources told The Malaysian Insight that the party’s Selangor grassroots want to replace Pua with Selangor executive councillor Ng Sze Han.

And they want more local leaders elected to the state’s committee in the coming state party elections.

But at the same time, there are fears of repercussion as Pua is seen to be close to the national leadership.

Damansara MP Pua is the special officer to Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, the party’s secretary-general, and as such his foes do not want to act rashly.

from FMT March 2016

There is no need for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to go on leave while the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) conducts its investigation into the purchase of his RM2.8 million bungalow, says DAP MP Tony Pua.

“If he is made to take leave before the investigation is completed, he will be subjected to all sorts of accusations and allegations that are completely without basis.“Then we all have to take leave from our positions. It’s baseless, absolutely baseless,” said Pua when met at the Parliament lobby here today.

Previously, Opposition party members had insisted on Prime Minister Najib Razak taking a leave of absence while investigations into the RM2.6 billion political donation in his bank accounts and allegations of misappropriation in 1Malaysia Development Berhad were carried out.Pua said the same standard, however, did not apply to Lim.


So far, 45 individuals have been nominated in the state elections and the candidates have until November 26 to confirm their candidacy.

There is still time for backroom manoeuvring to foil any plot against Pua, said sources.

“We hope the elections this time will see more grassroots leaders elected. We don’t want any more dominance by a single faction.

The grassroots have been feeling this way for some time. The central leadership is making decisions without consulting or considering members’ opinions at the state level,” said a source.

[kt's note: undeniably LGE has been over-controlling and over-bearing, even in his own party]

The dissatisfaction against Pua stems from, among others, the opaque selection of candidates during the 14th general election and the reduced appointment of councillors in local governments.

[kt's note: as I've often blogged on, old party veterans like Zul Nor was marginalised despite over 28 years of faithful service and sacrifices]

Zulkifli Mohd Noor

I wrote this in 2014:

Unfortunately, as I see it, the new DAP leadership might have come to forget old faithfuls, the true party believers like Zul, in their new found preference for the newer generation of leaders, those with MBA and all sorts of glittering paper qualifications or even high profile personalities like Ariff Sabri.

Perhaps Zul has been a tragic victim of the new DAP leadership strategy and strategic perception.

for more, see my post
The necessary Malay-nization of DAP

They said the grassroots were also unhappy over the way candidates were picked.

There are also fewer councillors after GE14, local leaders said.

“When there was still Pakatan Rakyat, the appointments were split three ways between DAP, PKR and PAS. Now under Pakatan Harapan, the appointments have to be split four ways with Amanah and Bersatu in the mix, leading to fewer appointments,” another source said.

Selangor exco Ng Sze Han has the backing of some local leaders to replace Tony Pua as state chairman.

Ng Sze Han

won 491 votes, the highest, 200 more than TP's 292 votes

nonetheless, the 15 DAP state leaders voted for Minister Gobind to be their state leader

syabas Bhai 

While it is true that the quota for local councillors had been reduced for DAP in some Chinese-majority areas, it had also seen an increase in some Malay areas after the last general election. However, this did not appease the grassroots.
They are also not happy over the candidate selection for the Balakong by-election, which was triggered after the sudden death of its former assemblyman, Eddie Ng, in a car accident.

Former TV journalist Yunna Tan was first proposed for the seat, which upset many grassroots leaders who then took to the media to express their anger.

This escalated into a spat with Pua, who accused them of not respecting the party leadership.

Yunna Tan 

The dispute was solved by a central party committee chaired by party elder Lim Kit Siang, which then picked former Subang Jaya councillor Wong Siew Ki to contest in Balakong.

I advise Lim Guan Eng not to be too haughty and to take note of his party's grassroot feelings about his style of leadership and also his inner coterie. Tokong should be mindful he's now dealing with the DAP party itself and not MCA or Gerakan.

mien sneow chnua, towkay 


  1. Wah Ktemoc schadenfreude over Tony Pua's election loss on careful mien sneow chnua.

    Tony Pua was right to bring in new blood to DAP's candidates, as the old "Hawker Party" types would have resisted DAP's further development.

    The smart move would be to keep a mixture of old and new, but Tony Pua wsa moving too fast for the grassroots.

    1. a party is made up of members, whether hawkers, teachers or elitists - if he believes he is held up he can form his own elitist party and do what he as an elitist likes, away from hawkers

      your mentality is that of an arrogant elitist, like TP

  2. Wakakakakaka……

    "party's grassroot feelings"!!

    ie the feelings of the rival controlling elites lah.

    One faction is technocratic, meticulous to detail & always confrontational & going for the jugular.

    They r the queue jumpers to the door of power.

    Bcoz of time spent in research/analysis/strategizing, always self-confined within the circle of same mindedness, leading to often time lost touch with the ground feels (no necessary the party members out there, but the power seekers).

    The other, climbing up from the ranks & files, will fight tooth and nail to stay relevant. Otherwise, all the efforts & yrs of toils within the party r wasted.

    Especially so, when this group can't compete on academic methodologies due to their qualifications.

    Both groups form clichés, but it's ALWAYS the rank & file risers have the upper hand simply bcoz 自鸣清高 technocrats have no time to play routines.

    Grassroot feeling IS an overused big word to justify the background competitions within the rival gangs.

    The ordinary members have too many 'daily living issues' to play such political drudgery!

    Same in Trump's administration, Xi's closed circle of trusted lieutenants, mamak's inner confidants, jibby's incompetent sycophants & more.

    This blogger's take IS just a syiok-sendiri vent for his pet hatred of the one he called chicken little lah.

    1. theres a third cb group that benefit from ones dad power and influence, whats yr take?

    2. Avoid howling mad rabid dog!

    3. its a sympathise howl after reading a dull n mind-numbing quibble.

  3. Can we also celebrate the arrest of Arul Kanda? I am very happy to hear the news because I believe he had a role in the cover up of the money stolen from 1MDB, money which I, my children and grandchildren have to pay for.

    Remember the “Tony vs Arul Debate” that Arul chickened out of? Now Tony is an MP and Arul is in jail. I am SO HAPPY.

    1. Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

      Born free, equal in dignity, equal in right, act in spirit of kinship.

      Have you accorded Arul Kanda his rights? Innocent until proven guilty!

    2. Ain't the zombies/ketuanan freaks support Human Rights?

      That's why u guys so spirited about anti-ICERD rally!

      Now u want to uphold human right, when it suits u.

      Make up yr bloody mind lah!

    3. Majority of Melayu on Saturday rejected the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as "bercanggah dengan Islam can hak orang Melayu" .
      What say you?

  4. For 4 decades prior to 2008, DAP , relying on its traditional Fixed Deposit base and traditional candidate profile , won 10-15 Parliamentary seats in every General Election. It had solid support in those 10-15 seats but DAP was incapable of winning anything more than that.

    Traditional DAP policies, and traditional DAP candidates did not appeal beyond its base, impssible to gain the trust of the non-Malay Middle Class as well as Malays, even educated liberal Malays.

    In 2008, DAP won 28 seats , and in 2018, it now has 42.

    A key element in the change was DAP's willingness to reach out beyond its traditional base and put in fresh faces in its candidates mainly from the professional and middle class.

    The principal architect of DAP's success was the one you sneer as Tokong and his Young Turks.

    DAP's traditional base is VERY uncomfortable working with this young group as well as Malays.

    My message to them is , if you refuse to accept change , and relegate the young faces, DAP will end up back where it started from - a fringe , special-interest party faced with a shrinking, aging support base.

    1. Too many dap bashers, always associate dap with that of a fringe , special-interest party of old & communist inclined cinapeks.

      When DAP's old guards willingly to reach out beyond its traditional base and pull in fresh faces in its candidates mainly from the professional and middle class, a tumor is been created.

      The traditional working class rank & file suddenly find themselves been sidelined by the technocrats who have queue-jamping to the front of the power corridor.

      Normal human sense of been cold-storaged & not appreciated sets in - vis-a-vis Tan Seng Giaw, Ean Yong Hian Wah, Boo Cheng Hau & many others.

      Dap has been trying to reinvent themselves to the modern day m'sia relevancy by recruiting the dynamic young Turks. Along the way many long time supporters r been waylaid, creating dissatisfaction within the party.

      The headhuncho has to strategize a way to balance the old & the new - not ONLY in human resources BUT also in ways of doing things.

      Going with the flow will most likely ending up just like that petrified MCA.

      Taking a risk in a new approach is making the party relevant to the aspiration of the new generation of supporters, along the way disenchanted the old supporters.

      TOUGH tumor indeed!

    2. i think dap won more seats has nothing to do with young turks, most of them was given the chance to contest in constituency with huge chinese majority, the exception like chin tong in fact lost. dap shd thank najib, he play major role to ensure dap / ph won.

      many dap member, i guess, support lge faction in the past because national agenda is more crucial than party agenda, but now their "conscious" come back, and politics is always about balance. no one could match lks, but many could match lge. let see how.

  5. "sweet dreams are made of this"

    Arul Kanda to be charged tomorrow for being a principal party to criminal manipulation of the 1MDB audit report.

    Key critical facts about 1MDB were suppressed in the audit report as it went from draft to final publication.

    Former Auditor General Ambrin Buang's reputation is now also in tatters.


    Lim: Pua defeated as he lost touch with the grassroots


    Wordsmith, for yr dedak research & sleepless note reading!

    Ooop…… don't let yr half-cooked imaginations run wild! Bad for health & income le.

  7. Selangor DAP elected Zero Malays into its leadership.

    So...after all is said and done, it appears DAP remains a Chinese chauvinist party with a smattering of Indians...and no Malays are welcome in its leadership.

    1. Where r those scalable melayus within the Selangor DAP?

      Oooop… need to dress up with melayu like zul/ahmad nor (kt's favorite dap melayu) just to show muhibbah spirit, right?

      Just like always - "tu tanah melayu, mesti pagi chance lah. Melayu tong sampah pun bolih!"

      CBMFers, go chant on the street lah & DONT forget about that anti-meritocracy fart!