Monday, December 03, 2018

The 'Gelap' mentality of Kadir Jasin

Pak Kadir Jasin, once UMNO's mouthpiece was the "Group Editor" at the powerful NSTP (1988-2000) and then Editor-in-Chief of News Publishing Sdn Bhd] (2000-present). A fellow Kedahan to Mahathir, he is now the new PM's mouthpiece (at times unofficially when 'testing the public water' had to be done). Once he even acted as spokesman for the Council of Elders.

Our Pak Kadir seems to have a wee perennial problem with non-Malay Malaysians, wakakaka. My only mention of this is only because Pak Kadir is an educated person with a praiseworthy command of old-world English which he dispenses eruditely with overt politeness though at times tinged with sarcastic barbs and dislikes.

n February 2013, after an illegal intrusion by Filipino bandits into Lahad Datu Sabah, the aliens killed and mutilated a number of our policemen. Pak Kadir Jasin then slyly, sarcastically and sinisterly alluded that the Chinese (Malaysians) should join the police force.

As mentioned above, Pak Kadir has always been polite in his words (mind, that's it, only in his written words, wakakaka) so in his polished pukka polite English he wrote (though not subtly, wakakaka):

As has always been the case, when we send our policemen and soldiers into battle and are killed or injured, the chances are they are Melayus and Bumiputeras.

Perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they too can die for one Malaysia

That was in 2013. Sadly, it seems in his ethnic resentment where he wished for Chinese and Indians to 'die' together with Malays for Malaysia, Pak Kadir had forgotten my reply to his article ‘I wish to remain a Malay’, published by the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI). My response was titled I wish to remain a M’sian – KTemoc replies Kadir Jasin a mere 3 years previously, in March 2010.

Then, in my CPI article I mentioned about non-Malays, specifically my uncles and their Chinese and Indian friends, serving in the Malayan and subsequently Malaysian Armed Forces fighting against the communist insurgents during the Emergency.

Nonetheless, in response to his sarcastic allusion to non-Malays not being in the Armed Services (military and police), I posted another article titled Chinese policemen to point out:

(a) firstly, Pak Kadir was so very wrong in his sly insult to Chinese on their purported 'reluctance' to join the Malaysian police and military to serve the nation, and

(b) secondly, the blatant but perennial lie of this ethnic-driven fabrication-myth.

In that post I listed several Chinese policemen who gave their lives in the course of their service to our nation. Please read my post to know how many Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), the nation's highest award for valour, and Pingat Gagah Berani (PGB) were bestowed by the Agong to Chinese service personnel.

[see also my recent post Farewell to a Malaysian Hero]

the late Deputy Superintendent of Police Sia Boon Chee

awarded by HM Majesty the Agong with Malaysia's HIGHEST bravery award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP)

I also modified my blog post into a letter to Malaysiakini for wider readership because it's damn bloody important to debunk the naughty but cheap racial and untrue insinuations when the reality has been that in recent years the 'nons' were 'hampered' in their desire to join the Police and Armed Forces. 

But then, that was Pak Kadir and his bias against non-Malays.

Recently, Malaysiakini published Get your facts right, heed PM's advice - Ramasamy schools Kadir. Relevant extracts follow:

Kadir's blog posting this morning, in which the latter questioned the reason for the police not arresting any Indian Malaysians over the riots related to the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Subang Jaya earlier this week and the attack on Fire and Rescue Department personnel Muhammad Adib Muhammad Kassim.

“I am sorry to say, it is a bit difficult to understand how so many police personnel with state of the art equipment... did not see even one among the many Indian people who were there not committing any wrongdoings. It couldn't have been so dark (gelap) when so many vehicles were burned?

“So if it is true that police in the 21st century cannot see rioters because it was dark, I suggest the Home Ministry to request an allocation from the Finance Ministry to purchase torchlights for police personnel,” read his posting.

Ramasamy said he could not understand Kadir's motive for mentioning the word “gelap” twice.

“Is he suggesting that the police have difficulty in identifying the Indians who rioted because of their dark complexion?” he asked.

Ramasamy urged Kadir to heed Mahathir's advice today that freedom of speech does not mean a person can make provocative statements and not to exacerbate the situation

the late Captain Mohana Chandran al Velayuthan

awarded by HM Majesty the Agong with Malaysia's HIGHEST bravery award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP)


Again, I have to reiterate that that was Pak Kadir and his bias against non-Malays.

He has been with Mahathir for aeons. Ameen.

(2) Unappreciated heroes.


  1. Most Chinese have a bias against Malays.
    And against Keling Kia , for that matter.

    This blog author has again and again many times shown disdain against 'Lil Indian Boys.

  2. Agree, we must also stop using the phrase “kongsi gelap” for secret society. Instead it should be “kongsi rahsia”.

    Also stop using the word “aneh” when refering to Indians.

    .... the word 'aneh' means 'younger brother'. It unfortunately has acquired a rather racist meaning in Singlish as a term to refer to Indians or anyone of Indian descent.

    1. aneh = elder bro; tambee = younger bro

    2. In the old days parents used to scare their young children that if they wandered too far away from home they would be taken away by the "aneh", ie dark skinned people. Racist.

    3. I think this is more of a xenophobic tactic to frighten the young children to behave.

      Racist…… mmmm maybe NOT if one considers the etymology of xenophobia.

      Fear of outsider IS a common trace amongst all human tribes. It doesn't mean thst ALL human tribes r racist in nature!

  3. It is a basic fact that most of the people who have been arrested so far surrounding the incident are Malays.
    And impossible to ignore the growing unease , even anger , going around Malay social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp questioning this.

    The government needs to do a better job explaining why this is not a racial matter.

    Fact is many of the trouble makers who came to intimidate the temple devotees fled in haste when they unexpectedly found themselves outnumbered - and they had dropped various phones, ICs, and driving licences when they fled. And the cars that they came in, though charred, could still be traceable from the chassis and engine numbers, which are stamped in the steel of the car frame and engine block.

    So the initial roundup of trouble makers was relatively straightforward police work - it happens they were all Malays.

    The Subang Jaya police chief needs to answer some serious questions why he initially tried to paint the incident as created by some other Indian trouble makers - without any evidence. Was he trying to cover up something ?

    Second is a matter of law.
    The temple was there, the devotees had a right to be there in peace.
    If a group of outside people go there and use violent means to intimidate people at the temple, there is no question who are the primary law-breakers.

    Of course, whoever injured the fireman, and torched the cars and attacked the developer's office on the 2nd night were also breaking the law, and also need to be arrested.

  4. Don't you think some parties like Ktemoc, Indian politicians or those with dark complexion are just displaying overly sensitive emotions on the word "Gelap" to twist an article written about Police Professionalism ? The full article is appended below:

    Most seem to be just reading bits and pieces of the article which involve the Seafield temple fracas according to their own version of who should be blamed, who are the actual victims or who are innocents with a tint of racial, cultural and religious bigotry.

    Why did the writer not use words like "Keling, Pariah, Kaki Botol, Pemabuk, Kafir, Penganut Setan, pemakan Babi. Penyembah Berhala etc. which are so commonly spoken by racists and religious bigots to describe whole races and religious groups not to their liking and stir up racial and religious biasness among the masses who likes to go amoking when such sentiments are played up to the tilt?

    So, why is Ktemoc trying to use a word (Gelap) which do not seem racial seen in the article perspective and extrapolate it as a racial biasness of the author etc? This extrapolation even extends to past incidents just to prove his point.

    If fighting against racial and religious bigotry articles and speeches is the Raison de etre of Ktemoc, there are so many websites, blogs and even articles written and easily available to suit your appetite in Malaysia.

    Let's start with perhaps one of the Chief Instigator of racial and religious bigotry writing far away in UK and a few more currently being charged for seditious speeches and instigating riots.

  5. who does kadir think he is, he is not in gomen, just a mouthpiece, is he trying to show he has the status and authority to 'reprimand' ministers

  6. Human eyes don't see in the dark.

    So unknown dangers, crimes, enemies, assailants, wild animals, predators, venomous creatures may lurk in the dark, or imagined to lurk in the dark.

    It is hard-wired into the human brain.

    So it is no accident that "Darkness" or "Blackness" or "Gelap" has been associated with fear, danger , ignorance from time immemorial.

    It is nothing racist, nothing to do with a person with dark skin, just a function of the key limitations of perhaps the most critical human senses - sight.

    1. wakakaka, what a dedak makan-er, spinning away to glory for Pribumi

    2. And I have many times defended Indians against Ktemoc's inherent anti-Indian racism.

    3. Here's the science ...if you have the mental capacity to understand..

    4. Wakakakaka… for a cesspool stirrer all he wants to do IS to stir more shits, preferably out of ambiguous but harmless talks/circumstances.

      Thus, the prior definition of kadir's past ketuanan deeds. It adds weight to what follows in the write lah.

      Same MO as his such, the mom liar!

    5. wakakaka, what a BS-tter. And don't dig up some unrelated article to justify your Maddy's dedak-propelled comments.

      the issue on Kadir's 'gelap' insinuation lies in the context of his statement regarding teh temple fracas

      and if I am anti-Indian as you falsely accused me of, all you need to do is to read up:

      (a) The Toddy Syndrome -

      (b) Marginalization of Indians - the true story -

      (c) Malaysia's Economic Pariahs? -

      (d) OK and KO-ed Indian Malaysians -

      and you, what have you written for Indians other than the top "indian" in Malaysia?

  7. Bahasa Malaysia
    Mata-mata Gelap
    Kongsi Gelap
    Operasi Gelap
    Sumber Wang Gelap
    Rahsia Gelap

    Black Ops
    Black Arts
    Black Magic
    Dark Net
    Dark Mood
    Dark Matter

    Are these all racist words ?
    For the glory of Pribumi ?

  8. I read that the crowdfunding initiated by Vincent Tan has touched RM2.0 million. Just curious, why he initiated it eh? I am also curious, who the employed Malay gangsters, huh? Another one, who is the Indian(s) that received that RM1.5 million compensation? At this juncture, giving AJK the benefit of the doubt, I am equally in the dark why no Indian is remanded?

    1. Its fake news that no Indian was remanded.
      The Home Minister already defined the racial breakdown, including 2 Cinapeks (from the Developer side).

      It IS true that majority of those under remand are Malays, simply because most of the people arrested were the primary troublemakers, and many troublemakers who fled in panic when they found themselves surrounded left behind mobile phones, ICs , Driving Licences and their cars which were still traceable on ownership though they had been set on fire.

  9. Maszlee must go, and go NOW. His OTAK is GELAP, macam kasut hitam.

    1MDB is not HISTORY. It is CURRENT AFFAIRS and will remain so for longer than he will keep the job of Education Minister. Leave the school curriculum to ACADEMICS, not POLITICIANS, even if he has a PhD he is now a POLITICIAN.

    1. But I think it is another very good idea from the black shoe minister. The kids should be schooled on how the Chinese, the Arabs and the Americans cheated and stoled billions from the Malays; a study on how casting aspersions and lynch mob rule unseated a government of the Malays of six decades.

    2. For a moron like u, melayu is always the victim!

      Yr zombieic doctrine has infused yr mind there r threatening shadows everywhere to do melayu in. Never for a second, u WOULDN'T accept melayu elites cheating on the B40 (mostly melayu) using alifbata as a bait, to enjoy their blood-sucking opulent lifestyle.


      " a study on how casting aspersions and lynch mob rule unseated a government of the m'sian of six decades."

      Ya-loh, the history book SHOULD revisit what jiiby's father, razak did to claim power!

    3. Not to forget, the Chief Crook, the one who , without his enabling, the whole fraud could not have proceeded, was the Chief Malay, Bugis Warrior, Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone.

  10. There is an Ejen Gelap here who in reality, works for Najib, spreading propaganda and incitement on his instructions.

  11. I Kadir as being courteously and indirectly giving voice to the growing anger among Malays, expressed on line , why those arrest over the incident have been overwhelmingly Malays.

    The fact is the tangible injury and damage to life and limb arising from the incident, the life-threatening wounds to fireman Muhammad Adib , the arson committed against multiple vehicles , to the ransacking of the nearby office block were all carried out by Indian law-breakers.

    There is an outrage that the Government's response to the incident is being unduly dominated by Indian politics, a conjunctions of Indians from DAP and PKR.

    1. Wakakaka....Ibrahim Ali said "too many Indian ministers in the Cabinet".

      I read on-line comments on Facebook saying "Malaysia dikuasai Hindu dan Mamak". ...Malaysia is now controlled by Hindus and Mamaks....wakakaka.... all "Gelap" types..

  12. Side issue, but important one.

    Ambrin: I will explain everything on 1MDB audit report tomorrow (today).

    Looking forward to his explanation....
    Time to come clean....

    BTW the Australian Permanent Resident in Sydney had called Ambrin one "who has proven himself, his professionalism and expetise to us throughout a number of years,"....

    we shall see who is the liar///