Monday, December 10, 2018

DAP 'sweet dreams are made of this' wakakaka

Malaysiakini - Tony Pua ousted in Selangor DAP election (extracts):

Damansara MP Tony Pua has been ousted in the Selangor DAP election.

Pua, who was the incumbent Selangor DAP chief, vied for one of the 15 leadership positions, but had indicated that he did not intend to continue heading the state chapter.

However, he failed to make into the top 15 after today's election.

The state DAP election is a two-tiered process where delegates only vote for the top 15 candidates that they want to see in the leadership.

These candidates then vote among themselves on who will occupy the respective positions, including the chairperson.

According to the election results, Pua came in at 19th place, with 292 votes – tying him with first-term Bandar Utama assemblyperson Jamaliah Jamaluddin.

Meanwhile, the newly-elected top 15 decided to elect Gobind Singh Deo as the new Selangor DAP chief.

Firstly, congratulations to Gobind who will make a far far far superior Selangor DAP Boss.

Secondly, congratulations to old-timer & salt-of-the-earth Ronnie Liu, Hindraf veteran V Ganabatirau (unlike "someone" who ran away to London, wakakaka), Ean Yong Hian Wah (erstwhile boss of the late Teoh Beng Hock), Teng Chang Khim (quiet dignified former Selangor DUN speaker 2008) and my blogging matey Ong Kian Ming.

Congrats also to the others of the top 15 leadership winners of DAP Selangor.

Thirdly, padan muka Mr 'Nobody', wakakaka, to an arrogant, unsuccessful businessman, ungrateful (erstwhile) business-acquaintance to an unfortunate Eric See-To, un-Chinese Tony Pua.


  1. This is democracy at work.

    I’m Lovin’ It.

    No one individual has an entitlement to be party leader. The “no contest for the top post for the sake of unity” rule must not exist. If Tony Pua wants to make a comeback he can, but all on the basis of merit, not entitlement.

    1. the beginning of the end of the Lims' inner coterie of young, (they think) smart (wakakaka), Christian Turks

  2. Nobody likes an arrogant technocrat!


    1) he sees further & deeper into the problems, especially those with figures - his critical exposure of 1MDB

    2) he makes OTHERS looked like fools & wall flowers - just like 三国的杨修

    3) his arrogance is caused by the incompetency & tidak-apaism of his surrounding colleagues

    4) he DOESN'T mend his words & he pummels his critics with a jugular attacks

    5) character assassination by udangs & those crooks he has exposed

    Too bad!

    Politics mah!

    Just remember u DEFINITELY deserve what u elect. 马后炮 cryings father & mother R just so common!

    1. he was a FAILED businessman in Sing (even has to borrow money from his erstwhile mate) - that's in his CV so what sort of BS 'technocrat' is he, wakakaka

    2. Any successful businessman with a long track record will tell you FAILURE is a necessary step to success. I never sneer at someone with a record of a failed venture/ ventures.

      Just make sure you maintain your integrity and don't take such perilous risks that you get sunk so deep, its next to impossible to climb back out.

      At a national level, Tony Pua made a tremendous contribution to
      helping the layman public understand the deliberately circuitous 1MDB fraudulent transactions, and how Najib , Jho Low and Arab conspirators were linked together.

      Tony Pua was the architect of DAP Selangor's massive 3rd Term win. Bringing in young blood will hold DAP in good stead for quite some years to come. But he angered the Old Guard who were dropped and they have struck back.

      DAP is not really a democratic party within itself, and the Old Guard has a disproportionate level of influence.

    3. Don't bull lah - for a wordsmith who most likely has not a day's experience in business venture!

      So what if tp's first business venture ran into losses. That's businessmen, especially those successful one, experienced lah.

      Judging from the fact that there were multiple interested parties to take over his losing venture, it only meant that his business model was correct.

      A visioned techies business venture CAN only come out of a risk-taking technocrat!

      But how could u read/understand? ALL those tech ventures that r been turned into members of billion$ business club despite their initial phases lists!

      Perhaps, u should keep to yr Abrahamic faith, especially Judaism, bashing to prove the worth of yr pen lah.

  3. DAP. The only multiracial party where elections of it's leaders are based on:

    1. Meritocracy.

    2. No Bumi/Non-Bumi quota.

    3. Rich or poor also can rise up.

    4. No need to provide ang pow/duit minyak, accomodation, sightseeing tours/Umrah/Haj, shopping spree, envelopes stuffed under the door etc etc.

    5. No need tin Milo to donate to when hearing speeches and ceramahs or chant religious slogans to rouse up supporters to worship their leaders as equivalent to demi-Gods.

    6. No blaming other people's race or religion for leaders weaknesses and incapability.

    7. No need hand out free T-shirt, dresses, baju kurung, baju Melayu, big kenduri, free chartered buses, vans, big air-con halls etc

    Compare that with some other political parties and it's clear which party has sincere leaders and supporters and which parties has corrupted, greedy, power hungry leaders and supporters.

  4. Give some credit lah. He failed in business but still dared to take a huge risk by coming home, venturing into the then unrewarding career of opposition politician. He didn’t seek an easy life and emigrate to another country and become a blogger critic.

    1. what else coudl he have done, wakakaka

    2. What else could he have done ? Well, for one, he didn't go over De Dak side to por lam pa. That's good enough for lots of Dap supporters. For two, he didn't have a drunkard fugitive liar as Sifu who made up outrageous fake stories to earn dedak and worse, pitting Malays against the Chinese earnestly to see the country go into flame ala 513.

    3. Yayaya.....kaytee is as silence as a lamb ahen he kenna gutted by najib.....

      Ooops.....kaytee is the bastard of najib right?

  5. I am so happy the traitor Tony has been evicted....I am just waiting for him to be charged for lying...

    1. Which part did Tony Pua lied? Please let everyone knows. Please support with facts if any.

      Don't be Tin Kosong, Abuk pon tak ada.

  6. could it be tony is deemed a cblim kaki?

    1. So? Tell lah more. You may have something to say or is it out of nothing?

    2. perhaps the dap member wan to lecture the dad n son what democracy is abt. or perhaps they dun like empire building. or perhaps they believe cblim n gang no merit. what do u think?

    3. if u cant offer an argument, y not take a rest? i know its not easy to run in circle, n not many share similar talent u know?

  7. During the 80's and 90's, DAP's committees were mostly reluctant appointees, people who were the most vocal among the lots who stood up and talked the most would most of the time automatically be appointed as leaders because usually there were few or any opponents.

    After 2008, everyone want to be the leaders because DAP is in the government. As leaders also come a lot of "goodies", whether legitimate or not, I do not know. Wakakakaka ..........

    From 2008, Ronnie Liu (salt of the earth, wakakaka ........) was in the Selangor State government exco in charge of the housing and local government. There was accusation by UMNO that RL was involved with some unsavoury characters. The Selangor "CAT" committees headed by Teng Chang Khim also investigated RL. Were there any damage control? Wakakaka ...........

    Ever wonder why RL was dropped in the 2013 GE? What has he been doing all this while out of the Selangor government before the 14th GE? Did he "manifest" into the biggest warlord of Selangor DAP as some has accused? Wakakakaka ...............

    1. There is an air of impropriety and even illegality around Ronnie Liu , which never really goes away.

      But the traditional DAP types live him.... which unfortunately says something about their mentality.

    2. just your bias and continuous attempts to badmouth him

    3. In the real world, you often have to make decisions on who you can trust, who you want to associate with, do business with, accept as a leader,etc. based on judgements of character.

      There are people whom nothing concrete has ever been proven regarding criminal links, but There is enough suspicion and doubt that, given a choice, I wouldn't want to associate with them.

    4. How could u know in yr Oz cocoon?

      RL was the kautim man of the Klang underworld black societies! His reach & contacts were far & wide, right into the Royal household. Thus, his "excommunication" by the dap central echelon.

      U r just farting like yr ill conceived writes about Lee Lam Thye, Tan Chee Khoon, Ahmad Nor & many others of yr favorite poster boys!

    5. wakakaka, I have to give you an A+ for trying and trying and trying

    6. CK, if you are NOT bullshitting as usual, wakakaka, please report him to the police, MACC and DAP HQ - if you don't you're AGAIN bullshitting, wakakaka

    7. Just schooling Ah Moc on the realities of human nature.

      We are not talking about a court of law here... it is about who you can trust to be a leader or to do business with.
      To me , there is enough suspicion to suggest Ronnie Liu is Not a trustworthy leader.
      Similarly, there was good reason why he was dropped as a Selangor exco member....DAP at the time understood it would be damaging to keep him on, though he has strong grass roots support from the traditional DAP base.


      For your education...

    9. Who's bullshitting lah?

      Those WHO know, know! Except a syiok-sendiri wordsmith farting no ends from his imagination.

      Reporting to the police, MACC and DAP HQ?

      Wakakakakaka… u born yesterday me?

      Haven't I told u he got very long reach? & the bolihland authorities were very gung-ho then with those who were willing to share2 lah.

      Dap HQ had taken step to excommunicated him & he behaved kua2 w/o a fart, unlike those other losers!

    10. wakakaka again. Bull. The reason why RL and many others like Zul Nor in Penang were ostracised was because they were NOT in the 'new' inner faction of Tokong & his Young Turks

    11. again wakakaka, monstreball desperate liao lah to refer to M-Today

      in 2013 Liu denied that Jafrei was part of his office organisation.

      “Three years ago, he volunteered to work for me and I accepted it. But he then disappeared. I suspect that he was bought over by our (political) rivals.”

      Jafrei, however, claimed that he has documents to prove his involvement in Liu's office.

      PKR Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng, aknown adversay of the DAP, helped to facilitate the press conference for Jafrei, said he advised Jafrei not to place “all his cards on the table” yet because DAP is prone to misleading the people.

    12. the verbose BS CK, wakakaka - NATO

      the reason why RL was marginalised before has been his ostracisation by the inner coterie of Young Turks

    13. Wakakakakaka……

      "RL and many others like Zul Nor in Penang were ostracised was because they were NOT in the 'new' inner faction of Tokong & his Young Turks"

      Bull lah!

      Let play this out to prove yr syiok-sendiri one-liner twistings.

      If tp can be voted out by the "grassroot" & non-tokong faction & he is supposedly to be aligned with the tokong & his inner coterie of Young Turks whom u claimed to control the overall power.

      That ONLY means the tokong & his inner coterie of Young Turks have ACTUALLY limited control over the ORDINARY dap members out there. More critically the power seekers within the hierarchy.

      If RL and many others like Zul Nor in Penang were marginalised & had been ostracisation by the tokong & his inner coterie of Young Turks SO EASILY, it ONLY meant RL and many others like Zul Nor had "dirts" all-over themselves. So much so that they COULDN'T muster enough "grassroot" sympathetic supports from the dap members & power seekers out there to shield them - unlike the current Selangor dap non-tokong camp.

      Currently RL has been absorbed into the non-tokong camp bcoz he has been lying low betting his time & behaving kua2ly to cultivate his supports.

      The others know about his base (mostly finance from the underworld) & past linkages with the authorities (especially the klang police) WHICH can be handy when u don't command intellectual powers like the opposing camp.

      For all yr dead cow moo-ings, u think that ordinary DAP members (those who DONT play political drudgery to gain power & position) r blind to the actual ongoing happenstances playing by the power seekers within their party!

      They know who's doing what, last summer & now, to cast their votes!

      Those who r been voted out r ALL having dirts on their back.

      The unfortunate fault for tp IS his self-trumpeting (自鸣清高)attitude towards those rank & file together with his inability to spent time out to rapporting/canvassing with the other power seekers.

      Think about it lah, wordsmith!

      Perhaps, so far away in Oz, how could u understand the ground feels (地气)of the dap political drudgery?

      All u have r yr bullshitting imaginations, which could come in handy when u r bashing the Jews/Judaism lah.