Thursday, December 13, 2018

3rd Vote - Mahathir's Mafulat-ish Monumental Mistake

FMT - MP tells why Umno, PAS should support local elections (in full):

I've known Ong KM for years through blogging

a humble but very dedicated DAP politician, he's an expert on statistics and polling trends, and also very helpful to bloggers like me in providing polling stats for our use 

PETALING JAYA: DAP’s Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming has urged PAS and Umno to support the push for local polls, saying the two Malay-based parties stand to gain the most from the restoration of local council elections.

Ong, who is deputy trade and industry minister, rubbished the notion that local elections would lead to racial strife, saying there was no support for this in the country’s latest demographic figures.

Hadi Awang warned of another May 13 if local elections were to be held (to his perceived detriment of Malay political power in urban areas)

Mahathir warned that local council elections might produce the "WRONG" results, whatever he means by that

but which we all know he implied (like Hadi Awang above) the Malays may be denied political powers in urban areas, which to him and his Pribumi Party is a blasphemic No-No

to Mahathir, it's NOT acceptable that Chinese gain political dominance, no not even in Chinese-majority areas like towns and cities

Referring to a 2015 statement on the issue, he said 2010 census data showed that the Malay population in Kuala Lumpur outnumbered that of the Chinese at 45.9% to 43.2%.

Out of three city halls, nine city councils and 37 municipal councils in the country, only six had populations where the Chinese outnumbered the Malays – Ipoh, Kuching Selatan, Johor Bahru Tengah, Penang, Sibu and Subang Jaya.

“In other words, 88% of these large urban areas had a plurality and in most cases, a majority, of Malay residents.
“Even in a place like Petaling Jaya, the Malay population (46.2%) outnumbered the Chinese population (39.6%),” he said in a statement today.

Although he did not have updated population statistics, he said the latest 2017 population projects showed that the Bumiputera population in the federal territories was now at 47% compared to 42% Chinese and 10% Indian.

In Penang, he added, 46% of the population comprised Bumiputeras compared to 44% Chinese and 10% Indians.

“The biggest beneficiaries of local elections in this current context would actually be Umno, followed by PAS.”

Noting that Umno had lost power in eight states following the May 9 general election, he said its MPs and assemblymen no longer had formal access to the local governments in these states.
“Having local elections would allow Umno and PAS to gain representation at the local government level and give them greater access to local government positions and policies,” he added.

He welcomed reports that Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin would be studying different models for local elections which would be more suitable for the Malaysian context.

If Umno and PAS were serious about strengthening democracy, he said, this was as good a time as any for them to advocate the restoration of local elections as well.

On Monday, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said there were no plans to bring back local council elections, citing concerns over racial strife due to the possible differences between urban and rural demographics.

He said local council elections might produce “the wrong results”, which could lead to conflict.


  1. Mahathir is a 1960's man, still assuming Chinese live in cities, and Malays live in Kampungs.

    Many urban areas are now heavily Malay...KL, Seberang Prai, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Malacca

    However, I think many urban Malays are still registered as voters in their home kampungs, so the registered electorate does not match the population.

  2. I support local council elections because it gives residents within respective local councils the opportunity to vote in councillors who will (hopefully) make decisions which are more in line with the interests of local residents within respective local council areas.

    Sure, residents in majority Malay/Muslim localities may have different concerns and issues addressed within their local area, whilst residents in majority non-Malay/non-Muslim localities may have other concerns which they want their elected councillors to address but in the end residents within different localities more or less can get want they respectively want and this I believe will help please most residents.

    Also, look beyond political parties, since local council elections give residents themselves the opportunity to stand in local council elections within their area and make local council decisions more representative of local residents' interests.

    Local councils must also have executive powers to direct officers and staff of their respective local councils what to do, unlike now when I understand that appointed local councillors in my locality, Petaling Jaya, more or less have to beg departmental officers of the the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to act on residents' complaints.

    Elected councillors must also be paid a liveable salary, so they can focus all their attention on carrying out their duties to their residents.

    Right now, respective state governments appoint local councillors and from what I understand, they do so according to their respective parties.

    Of course, elected local councils can produce the "wrong" results - i.e. they can produce a local council comprised of activists within the various residents' associations within the respective localities, who will not dance to the tune of respective state governments of state assemblymen and assemblywomen, but who may instead fart in their faces.

  3. Malaysia had a bad experience with Local Government representative elections in the 1950s and 1960s.

    Some of those elected were intentional troublemakers, shit-stirrers, and some were clearly of doubtful trustworthiness and loyalty to the country.

    Clearly, in terms of maturity of the electorate, the country was not ready at the time.

    50 years later , are we ready ?

  4. The zombies r against local election! Bcoz the alpha male says so.

    The ketuanan freaks r against the local election! Bcoz, it cuts out a big lump of meats from their diet.

    The blur-sotongs r against the local election. Bcoz they r just blur!

    Together, they will call for another anti local election demo in kl. A replay of the anti over demo AGAIN.

    We r stuffed kau2 by these morons. Hence WHY the wasted effort?

  5. President Trump was a “wrong result”. Brexit referendum was another. GE1 to 13 also gave wrong results.

  6. From Ah Moc point of view , GE 14 was a most wrong result......Wakakaka

    1. aha, thinking of becoming a fiction novelist? but that may not pay as well as what you have been receiving in your dedak package

  7. Malaysians ask for the "Third Vote", ie local elections. Spare a thought for KL-ites. They never had even a SECOND vote.