Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Lim Guan Eng must explain non 'matching grant' for UTAR

FMT - Funding for TAR UC and Utar must be defended by TK Chua

I wish Malaysians, particularly Chinese Malaysians, would pay greater attention to the present tussle between MCA and Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng over funding for TAR UC and Utar.

Both parties must set aside polemics and concentrate on the fundamentals. I declare from the outset that I support MCA in its fight against the finance minister on this issue.

To begin with, it is unnecessary for MCA to label Lim with any name. He is entitled to consider himself a Malaysian, first and last. I too would prefer to consider myself a Chinese Malaysian, not a Malaysian Chinese.

Lim, as the finance minister of Malaysia, must consider and act in the interest of all Malaysians, be they Chinese, Malay, Indian, Kadazan, Dayak or others.

MCA must focus on the right justifications when asking for continued financial support from the government for these two educational institutions. Similarly, the finance minister must offer clear justifications and evidence when denying allocations – certainly not based on postulates or hunches.

Why can’t a political party own educational institutions, more so if we view this from a historical context when opportunities for education were so scarce back then?

TAR UC and Utar have played their roles in supplementing and enhancing human resource development in this country. From the day these institutions were established until now, have we heard of any major scandals, of money going missing or MCA politicians abusing the universities for their own benefit? If there have indeed been instances of such abuse, let us highlight them now.

Have the two universities not produced quality graduates while charging reasonable tuition fees – fees which are much lower than those at most private universities? If not, let us disclose the real situation now.

Why is ownership such a big issue when it comes to TAR UC and Utar when hundreds of public universities and colleges receiving full allocations from the government have nothing much to shout about in terms of cost management, governance and quality graduates?

When Pakatan Harapan (PH) was the opposition, it always accused the government of playing politics to the hilt. I hope PH realises soon that Barisan Nasional is not its teacher.

MCA is defenceless today because of its past association with a hapless government. But this does not mean that the party has contributed nothing, or done nothing right.

I shed tears when Lim first became chief minister of Penang, but that is besides the point.


  1. Something strange and weird happened to Tian Chua ?

  2. TK Chua, not Tian Chua - former is teh most prolific writer for FMT, MKINI etc

  3. The Tar Kolej issue has become a political football, far removed from Education.

    DAP Lim Guan Eng is using MCA - political party - control over TAR Kolej as a political issue.

    MCA Wee Ka Siong is using this as political ammunition to attack Lim Guan Eng specifically and DAP in general.

    The Najib-paid Hell Hound here is using the issue as political ammunition to attack Lim Guan Eng specifically and DAP in general.

    Independent means Independent means Independent.
    The key word is entitlement.

    Tar Kolej of course should continue, but it should be independent of Political parties control if it is to receive Taxpayer Matching Funds.

    To me, a political party can control an educational institution, they are free to do so, but it has no entitlement right to expect government matching funding, especially when it is opposed to the Government of the Day.

    In the US there are numerous Independent institutions of higher learning, many faith-based run by Churches , or organisations with specific vision and objectives.
    The Mormons and the Muslims have their independent colleges.
    Even the Scientologist weirdos run a College.

    Many such colleges do receive government aid, especially for development capital, the students' parents are taxpayers and voters, after all.
    But they have no entitlement to taxpayer funding of operational expenses.

    1. its not solely abt tarc/utar, much have to do with priority. the event demonstrate dap especially lge is pretty useless n petty. read again the ph manifesto if lge lack guidence n direction what to do.

    2. Someone asked the RIGHT question!

      Did the M'sians vote PH into the govt bcoz of its manifesto declarations or bcoz the populace was sicked & tired of that petrified bn administration?

      Morons & udangs will keep chanting that PH has not kept to its manifesto promises!

    3. its not mutual exclusive.

      n dun u think cblim shd let us know what is he going to do with our weaken ringgit instead of wasting time playing politics that only harm the student instead? anyhow which law said political party cant have college n university? n what his basis to allocate to the 3 colleges n not others? answer my question n dun run in circles, pls.

  4. cblim is the new mca cum najib minister, to in charge mca matter, and reply najib fb, since our education minister also useless, cblim help him on education issue like who can or cannot own college, n let azmin do the finance ministry task. u help me i help u is our new govt motto.

    1. Wakakakaka…

      There MUST be done common trace between the rabid dog & tty!

      Mmmmm…… perhaps those Formosa fart spilled over?

      Moron, wait till u see the true intention of that Dökkálfar Dwarf. I sincerely hope u still got that foaming mouth to shout then.

    2. idiot, i dun know what azmin intention, maybe he wan to be pm, its normal for every politician. do u think he would reduce mara allocation kah when he become pm?

    3. U like him & have shown indication to support him. So WHY don't u ask him?

      Another one of yr blur2 consistently inconsistent shot from the mouth fart?

    4. pray tell idiot y ask him? most of the time, we judge politician base on what they did n not what they talk. cblim talked a lot but do very little, the only saving is to cut utar allocation, what a cbmf useless scum.

    5. Wakakakaka……

      U know how to judge people?

      With yr bruised ego lah, perhaps!

      "cblim talked a lot but do very little"

      Ain't the same with that Dökkálfar Dwarf?

      Truth to be told, lge does more than him & yet u CAN'T see!

      Again, perhaps, it has to do with that Formosa flatulence that u have inhaled so wholeheartedly that u have made the same mistake as them in judging people.

    6. lge must do more, he is a chinese, not a tuan, u baru china mali kah?

    7. So, u finally admit to yr true nature - a running dig er!

      CBMF, kiet is yr other name, right?

    8. u can only do name calling when u cant debate/rebut me logically, very zombielike, groning n howling instead of speaking.

    9. U call this debate logically?

      "lge must do more, he is a chinese, not a tuan"

      Do more bcoz he is Chinese. Then he is no tuan!

      Cbmf, I learnt fast from pen twisting f*ck like u about name calling/labelling, that's yr consistently inconsistency on show lah!

      Call it Freudian slip lah - most turncoats will eventually show their lousy card.

      Real saihe!

    10. i am being logical n sensible. u cant have it both ways, u label many as tuan, then u have to accept the fact that tuan do less but gain more, or else yr accusations is without any valid basis n just a form of hmmmm fart.

      another eg, if other non dap chinese talk 513, i will ignore. however if lks talk 513 like what he did now, he deserve the label a disgraceful cbmf like his son did. lu ada paham?

    11. So simple to prove yr consistently inconsistencies!

      "Then u have to accept the fact that tuan do less but gain more."

      So, lge no tuan ye?!

      U have left out the most important ingredient of - what tuan says, goes!

      If u claimed lge is paying subservient to mamak ke, melayu ke or any other f*cks exhibited within the ketuanan agenda, then ain't lge acting as u claimed as directed by his 'tuan'?

      Yet when he did that u cry father mother as if the sky is falling!

      Unless u want to quote that mom, that dap is the ultimate master behind ph - ie lge IS the "tuan".

      Then can lge cuts Mara allocations & channels those savings to taruc/vernacular schools?

      Day dreaming lah - or as most ketuanan freaks would shout - over their dead bodies!

      U claimed to look at issues both ways (yr f*cked declaration somewhere amongst these comments) then what the f*ck IS this rant of yrs:

      "if other non dap chinese talk 513, i will ignore. however if lks talk 513 like what he did now, he deserve the label a disgraceful cbmf like his son did."

      So who the cbmfer is u to determine who can & who can't say about anything when he/she is sharing an opinion?

      Perhaps, that's AGAIN yr bastardized version of demoncracy - only a selected few elites can have choices. Others just f*ck off!

      Similarly, with my academic CV! Who r u to demand that I must disclose to u?

      Small mind with silo vision CAN'T understand that the intellectual qualifications r not necessary reflected in the quantum of papers displayed!

      The true test IS in the content his/her writings displayed!

      Mmmmm… yr irrationality of looking issues at both ends! Definitely yr own bastardized 中庸 understanding le!

      Keep slumbering in yr ivory cocoon. U r doing fine by keeping to yrself & NOT disturbing others.

      Faham, tak ? RD moron.

    12. keep it short n simple la, i really no idea what u mumbled. we always believe we chinese do more n malay do less, so y u sound so flattered when u think cblim do more compare to azmin?

      read lks criticism when mca talk 513 in the past, is he not doing exactly the same today, position change brain oso change. what a cbmf.

      its up to u to disclose or not, i will continue to claim u r a anglo uni graduate, just deny if u r not, i will take yr word in tis case as gospel true. btw, y not u go peking or tsinghua?

  5. So, when is UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, MyPPP etc going to be charged in court over the 1MDB affair for accepting monies from Ahjib which is termed MONEY Laundering under AMLA?

  6. If Guanee was to continue the matching grant to UTAR, what about the many other private universities? He has to grant them all the same, otherwise people will say he favours MCA university only. Mana boleh.

    Does MCA/UTAR consider themselves privileged class, and they must be the only university deserving matching grants?

    Why didn’t MCA grant these other private universities matching grant when they were in power? Only UTAR dapat. Was THAT fair?

    But budget is so tight. MCA should return the money stolen from 1MDB, then Guanee can pass the millions to these private universities.

    1. where got tight? we have more than enough, our 3rd national car going to start.

  7. The meanest of MCA.

    When they were in power did they grant matching grant to ALL private universities like Southern, New Era etc?

    Or did they grant only to their own UTAR?

    Were they fair?

    1. they r not fair, that's y we label them eunuch n dog.

  8. DAP low brow HARA KIRI A La Carte Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang

  9. For the record, my point is reiterated by this writer below.

    LGE is not being mean. He is being FAIR. And it is MCA/UTAR that is being GREEDY.

    Why more funds for them?
    Monday, 10 Dec 2018

    HO Wah Foon set out very well the contributions of TAR UC (Tunku Abdul Rahman University College) in yesterday’s article (Focus, Sunday Star, Dec 9)

    What she did not address is why the government needs to match funds so generously with only one private college. Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, in increasing the number of recipients, is surely giving more choice to all Malaysians.

    It is up to TAR UC to make the case that they are more deserving than other colleges and that they are not restricting choice by being the only one so heavily funded.

    With PTPTN funding available, is there any non-political reason for TAR UC to receive special treatment any more?

  10. yr point or that writer point still haven't arrived yet. the fairness, choices, deserving, heavy funded, ptptn funding must be read n assessed in the context of mara, quota n discrimination. u want to try again?