Monday, December 10, 2018

Sing and its mobilisation of its air force

From Malaysia-Today I read the Sing ST's
RSAF conducts mobilisation exercise for five fighter squadrons. Extract tells us:

During Sunday's mobilisation exercise, Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant-General Melvyn Ong visited Paya Lebar Air Base, where servicemen from the 142 and 149 squadrons reported to.

"As a small country with no strategic depth, it is critical that Singapore possesses an effective and ready Air Force as the first line of deterrence and defence," Mindef said

Part of my family lives in Sing so I hope my comment in Malaysia-Today doesn't come true. I wrote:

Singapore has 24 F-15 Strike Eagle and has ordered another 24 more. Each F15S costs US$100 million. Instead of buying same, Malaysia should invest US$100 million in 2 times 105mm (or bigger calibre like 155mm) howitzer batteries (each battery has 6 guns).

Rather than buy 18 F-15 Strike Eagle or Rafale or Su-30MKK or Typhoon, we should buy 18 x 2 batteries or 216 howitzers and aim them at Tengah, Changi, Paya Lebar, Sembawang and known A-64 Apoache gunship bases - KOWTIM!

For Sing to neutralise our proposed howitzer batteries, it needs to conduct pre-emptive strikes a la Israeli Air Force - something which Malaysia too can conduct witbh our artillery.

Better be friends.


  1. If 27 countries, each with their unique history, language, constitution, political system, parliament, some with royal families, religion (or lack of), race (many multi-racial) and fought countless wars with each other, (including TWO world wars) can get together to form a cohesive and powerful Union, why can’t Malaysia and Singapore, two stubborn cry-babies with a common mother, be united as one?

    1. jealousy on the part of one, suspicions and territorial-ferocity on the other

    2. Be specific lah - racial jealousy cum oneman-upship of the melayu lah.


      Singie's suspicions and territorial-ferocity ?? That's yr fart lah!

    3. Bilahari Kausikan.......CK.....sounds indonesian......right? hehehe......ooops.....nope

      what did he say hor?

      You have to admire the Malaysian Foreign Minister’s chutzpah: you create a problem; when we respond to defend our interests, you say that the solution to the problem you created in the first place is for us to cease defending our interests and to accept equal responsibility for the problem! Sorry, bro. Good try but no cigar. We are not daft.

      Very direct right?

    4. QUOTE
      ...jealousy on the part of one, suspicions and territorial-ferocity on the other....

      After WW2 there was breakup of many countries (eg Germany), consolidation of others (eg Soviet Union), redrawing of many territorial borders and a great deal of people movement (ie refugees) across borders. Germany was jealous (to put it mildly) of France taking huge chunks of its territory after WW1. The Yugoslav states were torn by ethnic and religious strife. Many wars were fought and plenty of ethnic cleansing over religion (Serbs, Bosnians, Muslims, Christians) But even then within a few decades after WW2, 28 countries are now members of the European Union, and live happily together under one flag. More countries (eg Turkey) want to join.

      But over here in Malaysia and Singapore we still argue like school children over marbles (who owns that rock in the sea) and who has the biggest fighting fish (fighter jets and submarines).

      If 28 countries can set aside these major differences do it why can't we set aside our petty differences? We can be so much stronger if we are united. But that's a dream.

    5. cf PD, the evolutionary stage of maturity in humanistic development.

      Not dream, just the necessary path of progress.

  2. Big mistake and stupid for Sing to militarise this dispute.

    It should be handled strictly at Foreign Ministry or Transport Ministry level (since it involves port boundaries,) and if necessary at legal level.

    Remember Sing does not produce enough food and water by itself to survive. Desalination plants are also very vulnerable.

    1. have to agree with you. Sing somehow (or perhaps thorugh its LKY-heritage and experience in dealing with Maddy) thinks a legalistic aggreesive stance works best

      as I have oft said, a cheap optoion for Malaysia militraily would be to spend more effectively and efficently on massive artillery assets which could flatten the small lil' island (and part of kaytee's family) and all RSAF expensive warplanes into smithereens

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      A f*cked insight that's devoid of geopolitical reality.

      cf the wars between Israel & the camel towel camp.

      The current geopolitical happenstance playing in the SChina Sea will have the Yank comes to the rescue of the RedDot if the worst blockage occurs.

      The Yank might not doing it openly BUT the multiple military cooperation treaties signed between the Yank & RedDot demand that support.

      But the guiding point IS will the 'assumed' confrontation comes to that point.

      Not likely. If the first strike strategis of the RedDot come into play. & RedDot has been preparing for years over this worst happenstance!

      China WOULDN'T lift a finger, as the Yank can't fight fires on both ends!

      AGAIN, it's Israel/camel tower camp replay on a different level.

      Those at the frontline area will be the worst hit - ie Southern Honor, resembling Palestine West bank.

      Of course, this is the WORST scenario that rational heads WOULDN'T want to venture.

      But how could one tell, when incompetency, foolhardiness & one-upmanship r in play!

    3. hahahahaha......what a fucking cheebye motherfucker kaytee got udang to sell more military inferior equipment to Malaysia izzit

      Cheebye think Indonesia and Thailand would sit idly by when Malaysia suddenly wanna militarise hah........hahahaha

      Thailand got the same issue with cheebyes like you over their southern border........

      I guarantee that Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore will re-enact the Partition of Malaysia a la Poland style........

      Meanwhile we should inform australia teh whereabout of kaytee in australia so that singgies can accidentally blow up kaytee's residence with kaytee in it

    4. I believe I had re-iterated this to you before, namely, that I did NOT fCk your mother so pleasew stop claiming I am your motherfucker - to wit, I am NOT your dad.

      fCk Indon, what did it do when Sing bought the F15S, A330 air tanker, built 6 frigates etc? Kosong lah

    5. stop claiming relationship with Thailand and Indonesia - they too wana chew up Sing

    6. In the old town center of Alor Setar, the original land titles issued in the Siamese language, by the Then Siamese government are still in the file. In many cases, the property has never been sold, remaining in the hands of the same family for over 150 years. The land titles are still, valid, of course...the Kedah Land Office just extends its recognition to the original Siamese government-issued title.

      It wasn't That long ago...

      Thailand won't mind having back Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Penang.

      Indonesia will want back the entire Kalimantan Utara, Bugis states Pahang, Selangor and Perak, Minangkabau N9. Brunei can remain, as a client state of Indonesia.

      Johor and Melaka will remain nominally independent , but in reality Singapore client states.

      How Malaysia dissolves...

      This is what people called the "Polish solution", a European country that most of its neighbours previously considered as having no right to exist. Everyone took their "rightful" pieces, until the country itself disappeared, several times in the last few hundred year.

    7. M……mmm…

      Good one monsie!

      But how many have ever heard of polish solution to understand the intricacies underneath!

      It's the same reply on show NOW with the Israeli & the camel towel head gang.


    For history buffs like me, the term "Mobilization" has a dreaded meaning.

    For the mass conscript industrial militaries up to and including World War II, mobilization was a complex, rigid and very costly exercise.

    So much so, the potential foes of a country that carried out mobilization inevitably interpreted it as undeniable preparation for war, and they in turn mobilized as well.

    The only time in the last 50 years that the US Military has carried out a Global Mobilization - DEFCON 3 - was late into the 1973 Israeli-Arab War , to deter a declared Soviet intention to directly intervene militarily against Israel , to prevent a total Arab defeat.
    I still remember hearing it on the TV News in Black and White, as a teenager, and it scared the hell out of me.

    Totally unnecessary for Sing to carry out a mobilization over the current dispute over Johor waters...unless their over-the-hill Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has a need to show he is still virile.

  4. You just get the feeling that it is a classic TDM "Wag the Dog" tale using Singapore as the Bogeyman again.

    If it escalates, TDM may have chew off more than what he planned for with LSL who knows he has USA and Israel as his backers in an all out war.

    And who does Malaysia has as friends willing to go to war with her? Indonesia? Phillipines? Brunei? Thailand? China? Middle Eastern countries? India?

    It's going to be a case of "Menang sorak, kampung tergadai" if ever war breaks out.

    This might be TDM's Achilles Heel for DSAI to come in and take over sooner than expected.

  5. Air power cannot win wars. Ground boots can. BTW a war with Singapore can turn Malaysia into an Islamic State overnight. And..., an Islamic State can be the most feared terrorists. The Malaysian Chinese should cabut, ran or swim to Singapore fast. Wakakaka...

  6. Ground troops win the day provided they know how to play guerrilla warfare.

    A formal military command ALWAY despite guerrilla warfare - calling them racktagging military manoeuvres. Hence their final defeat.

    There r plenty of such examples in the past historical warfares.

    History also proves that the bolihland military strategies CAN'T deal with such guerrilla warfare.

    Not when fighting the communist! Not when guarding the Sabah coastline against the Moro/Abu Sayyaf!

    "BTW a war with Singapore can turn Malaysia into an Islamic State overnight."


    Daydreaming lah!

    Start recruiting Moro/Abu Sayyaf jihadists lah. Then there might be some chances to turn bolihland into a zombieic hellhole where most of u ALSO want to cabut.

    There will be buffer zones if ever radicalized jihadists appear on this land. By then, mana ketuanan agenda kau?


    1. What an encyclopaedic comment; soo enlightening. Indeed, no other comment can match your contribution CK! No, not even looes74. Keep it up. Wakakaka...

    2. Not for u lah! U r too deep into yr tongkat cold turkey shock to know ANYTHING.

      Just to entertain myself about the blur-sotongs out there lah!

      Encore, Easter egg:

      Blind leading the blinds - worst than the stampage of lemmings jumping over the cliff lah!