Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sing-M'sia fracas over an Instrument Landing System

Malaysiakini - Transport Ministry explains challenge to S'pore over Seletar Airport (extracts):

North is Johor, Malaysia 

The Transport Ministry has produced a video explaining why it is opposing the new aircraft landing protocols at Singapore's Seletar Airport.

The issue stems from Seletar Airport's bid to implement an Instrument Landing System (ILS), which will enable planes to land safely even in poor visibility.

However, the flight path Singapore wants to use for the ILS is over Pasir Gudang, Johor.

As the airport is just 2km across the Johor Straits from Pasir Gudang, the ministry explained that this would negatively impact development in Pasir Gudang.

This is because the ILS requires a height buffer, which at 6km away from Seletar would be 145 metres.

imagine above shows an aircraft over Johor descending on the ILS into Seletar's Runway 21

Runway 21 indicates an approach into Seletar over Johor to land on the northern end of Seletar's runway (with direction towards 210 degress magnetic)

thus the other end of the runway (Runway 03) will be over Singapore land (with direction towards 030 degrees magnetic)

This, in turn, means that development in Pasir Gudang, as well as activities at the local port, would be significantly hampered.

Singapore plans to implement the ILS at Seletar Airport on Jan 3 next year.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said this move went against the principles
of national sovereignty, as provided for by the Convention of International Civil Aviation

Anthony Loke is correct, that to ensure safety altitude (height) allowance for aircraft on the ILS system flying over Johor into Seletar's Runway 21, the Johor area over which the aircraft using the ILS system flies, must be clear of high buildings and other altitude 'obstacles' like high radio masts or even tall cranes (including those on ships sailing near the area).

Actually Loke is being nice to the Sings because Malaysia could ignore the safety requirements of the Seletar Runway 21 ILS and erect whatever we want on our land.

Of course it's unconscionable for Malaysia to do so without advising Sing. But the ball lies in Sings' hands as to whether they want to have an ILS without safety requirements.

If they are going to remain hard-headed, Malaysia should just inform ICAO and advertise clearly in international aviation gazettes and publications that Malaysia is not bound to ensure the safety protection of a foreign ILS approach over Malaysian soil.

The Transport Ministry has also promoted a video to highlight the dangers of the ILS approach if Malaysia were to build high buildings or other erections - see below:


  1. SIN is so kiasu-crever. The Seletar runway runs North-South. The ILS is for landing planes only. So why don’t they land planes from South to North instead of North to South? Then they fly over their own airspace only.

    1. If SIN were to land their planes South to North they will be flying over Marina Bay Sands, the financial district of Shenton Way and Orchard Road.....have to demolish all buildings above 20 stories.

      I'm Lovin' It.....!!!

  2. Sing can always land its planes in the 180 Degrees opposite direction.... except the same safety rule apply , and no tall structures allowed.

    That would place serious restrictions on Sing development...hey what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Don't force upon your neighbour what you would not accept on your own land.

  3. White rock redux? Because of the bilateral agreement signed in 1974 allowing Sings to manage South Johore's airspace.

  4. even if Runway 03 was used at Seletar the "misapproach" path (meaning the flightpath taken by the aircraft in abandoning the ILS approach at its Decision-Altitude because it cannot see the runway for landing, will AGAIN impinge on the Gudang Pasir area. The "misapproach" path also has to be clear of obstacles - same old same old

  5. Hmmmm...Singapore first notified Malaysia on the ILS plan last year....Najib Administration.

    Could Sing be telling the truth that Malaysia kept quiet and made no objections about it ?

    Was there a "Silent Consent" , or a "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" arrangement ?

    Between friendly countries , a surprising amount of diplomacy is actually done in such a low-key informal manner, if the arrangements are mutually beneficial.
    You don't make noise, I don't say anything, we both benefit, everybody is happy.

    But why would Malaysia accept an arrangement which is clearly detrimental to the Malaysia side ?

    My suspicious mind says Sing had covert leverage over Najib. His illicit financial transactions were conducted through Singapore financial institutions, and Sing government no doubt knew all the ins and outs

    1. wakakaka, so eager to snipe at Najib - what a dedak eater

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      The genuine photo of Altantuya Shaariibuu having dinner with the two razaks in RedDot lah!

    3. The Saudis clearly had leverage over Najib as well because they helped cover his "Donations" fairy tale.

      So Malaysia ended up with a long military excursion to Yemen in support of the immoral Saudi war...without Cabinet or National Security Council approval as it turns out.

    4. Just a few months ago, when it was convenient for Ah Moc, he made the assumption that Sing always told the truth , and Azmin Ali was lying about the status of discussions on the HSR cancellation.

      Now Ah Moc refuses to believe Sing, because this is embarrassing to his idola Najib.

    5. I am NOT blind like you, a dedak makaner. I defend or attack according to the merits of each case, and not blindly sweep everything together

  6. Seletar Airport has been around since before Merdeka, WWII in fact.

    Under visual flight rules for General Aviation, no problem, pilots are required to use their eyes to avoid obstacles.
    Once Sing decided to put in scheduled passenger Airliners ( turboprop) into Seletar, then ILS became a requirement.

    Fun and Games.

  7. Wakaka...twins must learn how to live with each other...

    Except one of the twins is the evil twin.
    Not sure which one......

    1. If my memory recalled correctly - there was an almost similar case happened between Switzerland & France. The flight path of the Swiss airport intruded into the France air space.

      Eventually, both countries compromised on friendly neighborhood terms & the flights were allowed!

      No sure whether such gung-ho condition still exist.

      But with the tight & strigent control of highrise buildings in Europe, this was never an issue at all!

    2. Its Switzerland's Geneva Airport.

      One side of the airport perimeter fence is actually the Swiss-France border. And aircraft taking off or landing to/from the South-West direction will for sure enter French territory.

      It was all settled amicably.

  8. The Singgie SHOULD have added in a clause that all flights, in & out, of the Seletar Airport would follow strictly the control tower guidelines of the HK Kai Tak International Airport.

    Wakakakaka… clever by half & forget there is a new transport minister who can match theirs!

    No more hp6 pulau putih redux handled by those nincompoops!