Tuesday, December 18, 2018

PH is now preoccupied with horse trading, not reforms

FMT - What Nurul Izzah’s resignation says about the New Malaysia by TK Chua:

horse towkay narturally interested in horse trading 

A novice like me has finally come to terms with Malaysian politics: it is a system based on elitism, and has nothing much to do with altruism or egalitarianism.

It is about politicians trying their best to get into power and then dissect among themselves how to share the spoils. The welfare of the people and the interest of the nation are at most secondary, if not incidental.

They talk and behave very differently before attaining power. They also talk and behave very differently after losing power. But when in power, the intoxication of it overrides everything.

I don’t know the real reason Nurul Izzah Anwar resigned from her party positions. I don’t know for sure why she decided to opt out of federal government duties. But whatever the reason, I think it is a wake-up call.

It is a reminder that Pakatan Harapan, not just PKR politicians, have lost their ideals and zeal for reform. She must be peeved by the same old politics of baloney now seeping into the centrum of PH.

Everyone is staying quiet like the three wise monkeys – see, hear and speak no evil of the baloney that happens in our midst every day. I suggest we stop condemning Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians for doing the same in the past.

I apologise if I wrongly diagnose Nurul Izzah’s reasons for resigning. After all, I am just an ordinary citizen trying to make sense of the events unfolding each day.

Do you know what the favourite term of PH ministers and politicians is now? It is “next quarter”, “next year”, “next five years” and “in 10, 20 years”. From foreign workers, toll renegotiation, PTPTN loans, education reforms, Teoh Beng Hock, Lynas, Taman Rimba, internet tariffs, Altantuya and Indira Gandhi’s case to Pastor Raymond Koh – everything is under perpetual study and consideration.

Lim Kit Siang with MACC strategic communications director Rohaizad Yaakob (centre) and other opposition leaders at the MACC Office in Putrajaya, August 6, 2015. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

what a fCking hypocrite and traitor to Teoh Beng hock's family and his memory
and just one lousy year after his pathetic pompous speech vowing:

Beng Hock’s death would be “in vain” if firstly, his killers remain free and unpunished; and secondly, the MACC is not held responsible and liable for his death and instead allowed to “go to great lengths” to participate in a “cover-up” of the actual causes and circumstances of Beng Hock’s death at the TBH RCI, with MACC officers telling “lies after lies” at the RCI.

I call on Malaysians to stand for justice and to make a commitment that they will not rest until the “cover-up” of Teoh Beng Hock’s criminal and senseless murder is exposed and the killers, including MACC, are brought to justice.

In terms of the “New Malaysia”, I think we have yet to take even one genuine step forward. Instead, we are regressing and are beset with pipe dreams to be realised perhaps in “10 to 20 years”, not unlike the TN50 hawked by Umno/BN before this.

Instead of focusing on national issues, PH is now preoccupied with horse trading. Its leaders want to form committees to vet opposition politicians, MPs and assemblymen who wish to join the coalition. But do they really have the means and intention of knowing who committed the crimes, abuse of power and corruption? Have PH component parties become MACC or the police? To me, all this is just a farce.

Why can’t PH component parties grow by recruiting ordinary citizens? Why can’t they allow those who have slogged for years to play a greater role in the party?

To me, it is obvious that they want to get more horses in their stable by enticing opposition MPs and representatives to join them. They want to lay claim to the seats occupied by these individuals when the next general election comes along.

We shouldn’t ignore the obvious. It is hypocritical and deceitful of us if we do.


  1. Toonsie should stay on......if he steps down what other fodder will this blog have to feed on?

    1. Without Mahathir, Ah Moc will go back to Hentam Anwar daily.
      He needs to earn his KPI targets.

    2. it's a pity my auntie passed away before I could introduce you to her - she likes your style of reckless predictions on 4-Ekor

  2. Yes, definitely needs to be condemned.

    Mind you, Ah Moc's blog is also just another form of lucrative horse-trading.

    Daily Hentam in support of his benefactor....

  3. Wakakakakaka…

    I strongly suspicious of this cut & paste by u!

    U r NOT as cruel & ego-busted fury, acting like yr sifu in fanning racial hatred!


    But, not least, in targeting PH!

    Evil men, indeed!

  4. Toonsie the master horse trader at work..... dangle salvation and redemption if you resign from UMNO, become independent for a while then later you can join Bersatu. But the sneaky fella will later say “sorry, DAP and PKR tak bagi masuk Harapan” and they will be left stranded with no party. UMNO will bleed to death. PWTC will be seized to pay back all the money they stole.

  5. I'm glad that TK Chua has come round to realise that Malaysian politics is about elite warlords battling it out behind a facade of Westminster-style democratic institutions, whilst the serfs - i.e.us the ordinary folk who believed their election promises and voted for them are left out of the picture suffer the consequences what what they do, once in power.