Friday, December 14, 2018

Pribumi Party, the new disgraceful taxi-sapu

FMT - Is DAP afraid of stronger Malay voice in Parliament, T'ganu Bersatu Pribumi asks (extracts):

Pribumi ta'ada prinsip democratik, maka jgn cakap ayam bila kami sapu katak UMNO 

Terengganu Bersatu has hit out at DAP for criticising the party and its chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad for taking in Umno MPs who quit the party.

State Bersatu chief Razali Idris, who is also a senator, questioned why DAP was so worried about Umno leaders joining Harapan through Bersatu.

"Are they worried that as more MPs join Bersatu, this will cause the Malay-Muslim voice to become stronger in Parliament?

"Bersatu will become stronger even if it doesn't take in Umno leaders.

"But if the opportunity is open for Bersatu to increase its numbers in the Dewan Rakyat through party hopping, why should this be opportunity be closed?" Razali said in a statement today.

He further claimed that DAP was out to curtail Bersatu's growth to maintain the balance of power in Harapan

Pribumi is NOW showing its TRUE colours, to wit, its colour-consciousness, in accusing the DAP of attempting to curb its Malay-Muslim voice from becoming stronger in Parliament through the taxi-sapu-ing of UMNO frogs, and fCk the voice of the voters who hate Pribumi Party and had voted otherwise.

Car No 3? 

Mahathir and his Pribumi have inherited the '916 spirit' (demonic bullsh*t spirit, that is, wakakaka) of Anwar Ibrahim who has today thankfully discarded his old naughty ways to be a better man than his old archfoe and oppressor Mahathir.

'dah serah semangat 916 kpd seorang tua, yg sgt tua, wakakaka


  1. Taxi sapu? We are all thinking like simpletons: Don't let the bad UMNO people into our party.

    But Toonsie the master strategist is three or four steps ahead of us.

    Yes he is on a mission to destroy and wipe UMNO off the face of the earth. But that is only one consideration. The other consideration is UMNO'S ASSETS AND MONEY.

    Toonsie has to dismantle UMNO methodically because at stake: billions, money and assets held by party members and proxies locally and overseas. Just PWTC alone is worth hundreds of millions. Now wouldn't it be good if Bersatu simply takes over PWTC as their HQ.

    He has to let certain people in, the people who can bring UMNO's money and assets into Bersatu. Once the money is in Bersatu's hands the crooks can be dealt with in the usual manner.

  2. 3 anti Pakatan posts in one Day !

    Somebody is truly desperate to show he deserves his Dedak payouts.

  3. The world largely revolves around the Survival of the Fittest.

    It was so 3,000 years ago, it is still true today.

  4. Not only Dap, I am also worried. What's stopping Bersatu from becoming Umno 2.0 inside Pakatan Harapan ? We will be back to square one.

  5. I find too much attention is being paid to the parliamentary UMNO, parliamentary PAS and parliamentary so forth, whilst the extra-parliamentary forces - i.e. the rank and file of these respective parties and their supporters are ignored in all the rhetoric.

    Whilst the parliamentary part of UMNO (the proverbial tip of the iceberg) may be falling apart, the "iceberg below the water" part - i.e. its two million or more rank and file members plus their supporters are still more or less intact and where will they go if UMNO breaks up or is broken up?

    I believe that if UMNO breaks up or is broken up, it will be like breaking a hornets' nest.

    For example, anti-ICERD rally last Saturday 8 December 2018 was organised by coalition of forces - primarily UMNO, PAS and Gabungan Tiga (The Third Force), the last one a coalition of a growing number of Malay/Muslim NGOs led by Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen and Datuk Azwanddin Hamza, who in the video below said that they aim to build up their membership up to 5,000 Malay/Muslim NGOs nationwide.

    This Gagasan Tiga press conference in both Malay and English on 21 November 2018 reveals their mission and objectives.

    You can also watch the video directly on You Tube over here:-

    Also, the fact that the anti-ICERD rally went off peacefully in an orderly and disciplined manner, strongly suggests that it potentially is a formidable force to be reckoned with, like a powerful trade union, since if it is directed to act more forcefully with clear demands and objectives, such an extra-parliamentary grassroots movement could have a much more potent effect than a leaderless mob acting randomly.

    As for PAS, I somehow can see that they are a highly organised and disciplined extra-parliamentary force to be reckoned with and their greater focus on spiritual motivations, rather than UMNO's more materialistic motivations. These aspects make PAS a more potent extra-parliamentary force than UMNO.

    Now imagine what if they altogether resort to extra-parliamentary tactics such as calling for hartals, for civil disobedience, for go slows, non-cooperation, massive sit-down rallies jamming major roads and intersections in cities and towns, or even calling strikes.

    Imagine what if the majority Malay, civil servants, transit workers, postal workers, telekom workers, electric utility workers, local authority workers, water utilities workers, employees of GLCs and so forth go slow, strike or adopt an American style sit-down strike - i.e. all sit down at one's work station in one's work place and do nothing for the whole day.

    1. That's why I keep reminding DAP "purist" guys - pay attention and due respect to the tides in the Malay electorate.

      Guys like Thayaparan are free to write anything they want, but they don't carry the responsibility to govern the country.

      You, DAP, do , now.... so act and talk like a Government, not like you are back in the Opposition.....

      By all means keep your ideals, but the best way to get to your destination is not always a straight line.

  6. Basically, the way things are working out is not encouraging.

    Remember the #Undi Rosak movement and the PKR and DAP supporters and rank and file members who were not happy with their parties' alliance with Mahathir & Bersatu in order to be able to oust Najib and UMNO from power?

    Well, now with Najib gone, dozens of charges laid against him, with UMNO out of power and Pakatan having captured the federal government, what's happening next is not most who cheered their victory had expected.

    The 1MDB issues has receded in people's minds as other issues such as these take its place as the talking points in teh tarik stalls, in pubs and on social media.

  7. In its early years DAP also Sapu many people from the defunct Labour Party, some from Gerakan and PPP who refused to stay when those parties joined BN.

    Sapu is a necessary survival and growth strategy for any new party.
    Once well established, it is usually not necessary and even unwelcome, but those parties' leaders should not forget they were once also in that situation.