Wednesday, December 05, 2018

ICERD - justice becoming a monster, and DAP remains silent - The political freefall of Umno, PAS by Tay Tian Yan

Zahid's hypothesis of riot and Hadi Awang's argument that rejecting ICERD is a universal obligation of Muslims have sadly lowered the stature of their parties to a level unseen before.

Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

DAP supporters inform us that its silence in Pakatan has been to 'protect' the bigger picture of public safety and 'preserve' national stability, but that was EXACTLY what the MCA told us - in other words, DAP has become the new MCA 

Do those opposing the ratification of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) actually know what it is?

I don't think they know, or they are just unwilling to find out.

They don't even know what racism is!

In the parliamentary sitting, opposition reps started to make noise when minster in the prime minister's department Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy was answering a question on ICERD, calling him "racist". The Speaker even overheard someone asking the minister to "go back to India".

It is obvious here who the real racists are!

Umno and PAS politicians have been playing up the ICERD issue and fanning public emotions while PH component parties look on passively.

ICERD is a form of international justice. Unfortunately it has become an abominable monster here!

The hysterical voices of opposition have completely distorted the real meaning and significance of ICERD.

They claim that ICERD is in direct violation of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution, and will deny the Malays of their privileges. Nevertheless, if you were to ask them how ICERD has violated the Constitution and how it would jeopardize the status of the Malays, they would become instantly speechless.

Moreover, any international convention will not override a sovereign state's laws, let alone its constitution.

Ratifying ICERD is a pledge for human rights and equality, and a signatory can opt to have reservation about certain articles it does not agree on. This explains why many countries have ratified ICERD.

Rejecting ICERD only shows that we still have a long way to go before we can join the modern world.

Ahmad Zahid even claims that the Malays will riot if ICERD is signed.

As a matter of fact, the Malays will have nothing to lose even if ICERD is ratified by the government. As such, there are no valid reasons for a riot.

Unfortunately some of the Muslim-Malays may fall into the trap of Umno and PAS.

Zahid's hypothesis of riot and Hadi Awang's argument that rejecting ICERD is a universal obligation of Muslims have sadly lowered the stature of their parties to a level unseen before.

This also means that they can no longer compete on the platform of competency and rationality, and have to resort to fanning racist and religious sentiments in order to win back their wilting support.

Any party that allows itself to stoop this low is no longer eligible to talk about running this country, as it will eventually be abandoned by majority of Malaysians who uphold the principles of moderation and good reasoning.

Sure enough there are tons of reasons to explain the electoral setback of Umno and PAS in GE14. The thing is: neither racism nor religious extremism has reversed their doomed fates.

They have failed to revert to moderation after the general elections. In its stead, they have picked up steam in their quest for extremism.

Opposition parties devoted to fanning public emotions and creating religious conflicts will never contribute positively towards democratic politics in this country, but will be a destructive force for the same.


  1. seem like there is consensus among zahid n lim dad n son, 513.

  2. Even though I am Chinese Malaysian, I don't give a damn if Malays go on streets and protests every other day against Pakatan Gov. It is called reap what you sow....

    When BN was in power, the Pakatan people were protesting every other day on every other issue they twisted through the media. The non-Malays (Chinese/Indians) were emboldened by the tolerant attitude of Najib/BN and kept protesting just so to tank the economy. But the economy never tanked due in large part to China's benevolence towards Malaysia.

    Now Pakatan is in power. Let them taste their own medicine. I urge Malays to go on streets and protest every other day like the Pakatan people did for 20 years. Let the economy tank because China is not coming to rescue those fxxking Chinese Malaysians/rich towkays/Airline owner turncoat who TOOK the tolerance of Najib/BN/Malays for GRANTED. Let those Chinese business people be bankrupted so they cannot finance PH anymore, like my rich younger brother who donated to DAP. Let them suffer under DAP government. Because their American patrons have no money to invest in Malaysia....

    My Malay brothers: go forth and protest!!!

  3. This article & the proceeding one SHOULD be read together with this excellent piece by Tajuddin Rasdi:

    Two melayu & two cinabengs with diverse views. Though on different issues BUT for those who can read between the lines, the distinctions between these 4 persons r as clear as what the blogger trying to stir-fry!

    The unfortunate fact is there r more melayu & some cinabengs who DON'T want to see the issue beyond the superficial - due to lack of interest/knowledge or pure hidden evil.


    "…consider myself a Chinese Malaysian, not a Malaysian Chinese."

    How about those ketuanan freaks who never consider themselves Malay Malaysian?

    Lagi best - finally a proper tag for zombiecism = “Melayu-Islam” !

    On a side note but definitely related:

    A graceful lady remarked about cemburu coming out from the cocoon! She SHOULD have said who the f*cks r u, when Tun, as her husband, didn't say anything!

    Wordsmith, u need to work harder to split the Chinese community over the issue of TarUC funding cut by lge. Otherwise, it's a storm in the tea cup that the Chinese m'sians r so used too. Of course, that's besides those ivory tower fools of zilch consequences, who can keep their chicken little chants to syiok themselves no end!

    1. u lost touch bec u never know what rahman is about for the poor n those that r good but still rejected by public uni. u, like cblim, can afford a anglo uni, thats y u cant feel it. of course its a storm in the tea cup, u really think dap n cblim dare to meet the real storm?

    2. Wakakakaka……

      Real rd moron! 满腔热忱仁义,自欺欺人. Getting worst each day.

      1st, how do u know from where I got my tertiary educations?

      2nd, how do u know from where my tertiary education funds came from?

      3rd, I guess ONLY morons like u & tty CAN understand rahman (wakakakakak, bersukurlah to whatsoever fake god for this manna) via spurious bleeding-heartish rants!

      What have u DONE to support yr claim besides indulging yrself under that syiok-sendiri 山东大儒 farts all this while?

      4th, lost touch? Early day lah. But then how could short-sighted fart like u can have extended vision longer than yr immediate surroundings?

      5th, real storm? I'm not sure about the coming one. But judging from their past records, dap n cblim COULD definitely facing up to that challenges.

      Meanwhile, what about u when the storm comes? With tail between yr hind legs, running back to wherever u learnt yr trade er!

      Show some teloq, go & support pro-human rights rally organised by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) on the Dec8 Saturday.

      A bigger turnout of supporters at PJ WILL prove to those ketuanan freaks, zombies & blur-sotongs as WHO has the bigger citizen supports for/against the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination in Kuala Lumpur.

      Talk is cheap for people like u. When dirty works r required, farts like u r the first to disappear!

    3. 1,2) only u can tell if i guess rightly or wrong.

      3) i oso guess u r not tat poor, u know not much abt local public u or rahman. i thus dun think u r one that take form six.

      4) vapid rant, so i skip.

      5) we r talking abt cblim n his tea cup storm, stick to topic. so is he going to join hadi or no? how much he cut pertaining to mara n jakim?

    4. 1,2,3 & 4 real circular f*cked replies!

      Just say u r indulging in yr favourite guesstimate past time diatribes lah. Much easy, right?

      5) am I not talking about the bigger issues connecting to yr f*cked rants oncblim n his tea cup storm?

      Oooop… bring to me those deviated tactics that Formosa moronic passenger that I met on the flight.

      Couldn't see bigger picture related to her argument & yet kept wanted to narrow down to bull's horn pittance! It just proves u people r badly trained & easily intoxicated by whatsoever f*cks u r craving for!

      Joining hadi?

      How much he cut pertaining to mara n jakim?

      U think he owned the country that not even mamak dares to claim NOW.

      Indeed, 满腔热忱仁义,自欺欺人. 下笔廢言,胸無一策!

      Keep to yr twistings, u r in the merry-go-round ride.

    5. 1234) just tell us where u graduate n fund by whom, a pretty straight forward question.

      5) dun divert to big picture n taiwan. lets stick to small tea cup, tell us is cblim mind is big enough to handle big storm, if not, then my assertion stand, no correction needed.

    6. Wow……

      RD at the terminal stage!

      Either u DON'T understand OR u CAN'T read.

      Think AGAIN, have I not answered yr guesstimate f*cks?

      Perhaps, someone SHOULD teach u rubbish questions deserve rubbish answers, RIGHT?

      Not only rd, but retard too!

    7. yr writing generates a lot more questions than they provide answers, whatever la.

    8. Whatsoever lah. U understand u understand!

      Otherwise, stay confused lah!

    9. yeah, yeah, if u cant convince them, confuse them.

    10. Hence yr merry-go-round farts, ye?

    11. sort of, its common when one walk his dog.

    12. Wakakakaka…

      Ya-loh, a dog that obeys the commands of the dog leash holder lah!

      Or is the dog leading the holder!


  4. At least DAP tried to push forward the ICERD ratification - and failed due to serious push-back from Race and Religion warriors inciting violence.

    MCA man Tay Tian Yan and MCA man Alex Fong are using this as political capital to beat up DAP....

    I have tried hard to trace back anything MCA had to say about ICERD in the 49 years , from ICERD's effectivity in 1969 to 2018, when BN/MCA lost Federal power, whether MCA ever took this up as an issue, and came up a complete blank.

    So MCA man Tay Tian Yan and MCA man Alex Fong are just being complete hypocrites taking this out on DAP now.

  5. The time and day is getting nearer and nearer for the opposition parties to be totally wiped out. This includes all their organisational structures, collaborators and media power.

    Malaysia needs a Reboot to be able to have any hopes of a New Malaysia to emerge.

    Long Live Ceasar! Another dynasty has begun.

  6. On 212 over 100,000 Islamists gathered at the National Monument (Jakarta) to rekindle protest against Ahok, who is still in prison for blasphemy. Waduh.. It looks like Probowo is going to be the next President of Indonesia.

    Here, I read that about 500,000 will be participating in the ICERD rally on 812? Well, 40% of the 60% did not vote for PPBM/PAN.

    (Islamist groups and the opposition camp held a major rally marking the 2016 anti-Ahok rally in Jakarta on Sunday with a call for Muslims to shun political parties that backed the imprisoned former governor in the 2017 Jakarta election.

    A group calling itself the 212 Rally Alumni was established to gather people who were involved in the rally on Dec. 2, 2016, to call for the prosecution of then-Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, a Christian of Chinese descent, for blasphemy.)

    1. What can I say, I am loss of words to describe these....... I remember even the prosecutor felt guilty conscious after learning the sentence. The only word I can think of is EVIL!

    2. My prediction - the anti-ICERD rally will draw a Max 10,000 or 2% of the target.

      The Kelantan PUS State Government is resorting to declaring Sunday a Public Holiday in desperation to encourage more attendees. Many State level employees and people beholden to the State Government will be pressured to attend, regardless of their personal inclinations.

  7. Where got remain silent. Here Guanee speaks out LOUDLY.

    Anti-Icerd rally: Guan Eng slams Hadi for 'pitting Muslims against non-Muslims'
    5 Dec 2018, 5:54 pm (Updated 5 Dec 2018, 5:54 pm)

    DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today slammed PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang for allegedly pitting the Muslim majority against the non-Muslim minority in justifying the need for the gathering against the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd).

    In a statement, Lim also rued that Hadi’s recent remark that the rally was necessary, as non-Muslim MPs in the Pakatan Harapan government far outnumbered Muslim MPs in the Parliament, was “highly provocative”.

    The media can do better in the Icerd debate
    “Instead of preaching national unity amongst all Malaysians of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, Hadi continues to try and divide Malaysians, by pitting the Muslims against non-Muslims.

    “Firstly, the figures quoted by Hadi are not accurate. He said there are 66 non-Muslim MPs and 58 Muslim MPs in Harapan. In fact, there are 62 Muslim MPs in Harapan.

    “The bumiputera MPs, which include the non-Muslim bumiputera, outnumber the non-bumiputera, 70 to 58 in Harapan. Does Hadi consider the non-Muslim bumiputera from Sabah and Sarawak, as not equal, just because they are not Muslims?” asked Lim, who is also the finance minister.

    He further pointed out that out of the 28 cabinet members, including senators, 17 are Muslims and only 11 are non-Muslims, while among the deputy ministers, 18 are Muslims and nine are non-Muslims.

    Out of the 222 MPs, 140 of them are Muslims while only 82 of them are non-Muslims, Lim said.

    “How can Muslim rights be threatened when Muslim MPs comprise 63 percent of MPs in the Parliament? Using Hadi’s logic, shouldn’t the non-Muslims feel threatened by the 63 percent Muslim MPs in Parliament?” he asked.

    Lim said that PAS’ insistence of joining the anti-Icerd rally this Saturday, despite the government’s announcement that it would not ratify the UN instrument, was all about political survival and gaining political capital for the Islamist party.

    Instead of gathering against the Icerd, which is no longer relevant, PAS is better protesting against all the financial scandals which happened under the administration of Umno/BN, he added.

    “This would be the right thing to do for all Malaysians, both for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims.”

  8. Pendemo pendemo 8hb Disember tu sepatutnya berdemo membantah pasal kehilangan wang berbillion ni.

    The demon strators rallying on 8.12.2018 should rally about the billion losses not about ICERD.

    Untuk ketuanan melayu Pas dan Umno. Dah kalah tu kalah la. Tak payah bising bising lagi.

    Sila baca ni. Tak faham faham lagi keh? Ini melayu tulis ya. Saya pick up post sini. Baca dengan hati lapang.

    Orang Melayu yg bodoh tu disebabkan malas membaca. Tapi article di bawah ni korang kena baca jugak klu tak nk terus di perbodohkan oleh pemimpin parti politik yang hanya pentingkan kuasa.

    Dalam isu ICERD ni.. Yang bising Zahid Hamidi.. Tapi Najib diam jer.. Memang lah dia Diam, Jawatankuasa ICERD ni dah ditubuh sejak Julai 2011, setahun selepas Najib jadi PM..

    Jawatankuasa Itu sekali lagi ditubuhkan untuk kajian Lanjut pada tahun 2015.. maksudnya ia sudah masuk ke Peringkat ke 2.. Cuma Najib Nafikan ia diluluskan.. Memang belum lulus.. sebab nak luluspun ia makan Kajian bertahun.. Itu proses Biasa.. Kerajaan perlu penuhi Syarat mereka.. hakikatnya ia sudah dalam Kajian..

    Sebenarnya Apa yg dituntut ICERD sudah dilaksanakan Najib.. tapi ramai yang tak perasan.. Apa yg dituntut ICERD dah dilaksanakan Pentadbiran Najib.. Iaitu dasar Diskriminasi Ekonomi.. Liberalisasi Ekonomi telah pun dilaksanakan.. Apa yg jadi kehendak ICERD ditunaikan Najib..

    1- Pada Tahun 2009, Najib memansuhkan dasar DEB (Dasar Ekonomi BumiPutera) Syarat pemilikan Ekuiti Bumiputera sebanyak 30% dalam IPO dan Syarikat disenarai awam...

    2- Selepas itu dalam Rombakan Kabinet, Pada Tahun 2009.. Najib Menghapuskan Kementerian pembagunan Usahawan dan Bumiputera (MECD) yang wujud di zaman Ds Anwar, mahathir dan Paklah.. dimansuh zaman Najib.. hari Ini Kerajaan PH mewujudkan kembali Kementerian Khas Bumiputera (MECD)

    3- Bukan Setakat itu, Pemansuhan Syarat Pembagunan dan Hartanah milik Bumiputera, penghapusan pelbagai Bentuk Subsidi, Memperkenalkan liberalisasi cukai seperti GST adalah kehendak regim ekonomi antarabangsa Termasuk menandatangani TPPA..

    Itu sebab selepas itu banyak dari Projek Perumahan, Pembangun hartanah dari China bebas membangunkan Hartanah di Malaysia seperti di Wilayah Iskandar, Forest City.. inilah dasar leberalisasi Ekonomi..

    Itu belum dikira bagaimana Najib sanggup menggadaikan Kepentingan negara seperti Tanah KTMB Tanjung Pagar.. Tanah TUDM Sg Besi apa lagi meruntuhkan Penjara Pudu yang menguntungkan Pemaju pemaju dari China..

    bila Tentera terpaksa meniupkan semboyan keluar dari Kem mereka, menurunkan Panji Panji Negara untuk diserah kepada China.. Kenapa ketika itu kita tak terasa terhina ? tidak ada yang nak bermandi Darah ?

    Tak hairan lah yang terakhir.. najib melepaskan dasar perlindungan syarikat automotif negara dan melepaskan pegangan dalam Proton.. Akirnya Syarikat China menguasai Saham dan pemilikan Proton..

    Ketika ini kenapa takda sapa bangkit ? Kenapa haji Hadi Diam.. ? PAS boleh bertaawwun dengan Najib ? Kenapa takda yang asah parang dan buat Demo.. ?

    Sebenarnya dikalangan Pak haji dan Lebai PAS ini Dangkal dan Bodoh dalam pemerintahan.. mereka tak faham pun soal dasar dan pemerintahan.. mereka umpama Jihadist atau kelompok ISIS yg tak sedar menjadi Boneka Israel dan US..

    yang penting rakan taawwun depa mampu pakai Jubah dan lebai, dan beryahanana, Berselawat bersama.. Imej mereka disucikan lebai lebai PAS walaupun hakikatnya, Najib dan UMNO lah yang gadai hak Ketuanan, Tanah dan pemilikan Bumiputera..apalagi hak melayu..

    Najib dan UMNO memang Jahat.. Tapi Yang lebih Bahaya dari jahat adalah Jahil (Bodoh).. Itulah gambaran Nabi kepada kelompok Khawarij yang akan datang pada satu zaman dengan Gelaran

    سُفَهَاءُ اْلأَحْلاَمِ يَقُوْلُوْنَ قَوْلَ خَيْرِ الْبَرِيَّةِ ..

    Mereka yang sedikit akalnya (Bodoh), dan bercakap dan Mereka Berkata Sebaik Sebaik Manusia (Bercakap tentang Agama)...

    awasi Bahaya kelompok Ashbiyah, Khawarij dan Takfri.. :)

    C&P tak tau sape pya


  9. I hope during the anti-ICERD protests the Malay youths trample on Mahathir/LKS/LGE pictures and have a fake Islamic rites/funeral for Mahahtir SINCE DURING BERSIH PROTESTS the Chinese youths trample on Najib and Hadi pictures and held a fake Chinese funeral for Najib. It is TIT for TAT now. Reap what you sow.

    1. Less than 10,000 will attend this Sunday anti-ICERD Rally.

    2. Allah shall send myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands of angels to attend.

    3. Ya-loh, make sure the organiser provides enough hallucinogen to those attending fools to see those myriad & myriad & thousands of thousands of malaikat.

      Better still, go & having the orgies of their life too - the advanced claimant for that 72 virgins.

    4. I will be at Padang Timur to celebrate World Human Rights Day.

    5. The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) will be postponing their Human Rights Day celebration tomorrow (Dec 8).

  10. TDM last swan song to incorruptible crooks and pretenders:

    "And now, the End is Near.............."

    "I did it, My Way..........."

    Que Sierra Sierra!